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Random Day

Hey hey it’s random day! I’ll just talk about whatever. So anyhow… hmmmm what to talk about???? Right now I have this song called Lucky by Lucky Twice, and ughhhh it gets stuck in my head! “I’m so lucky, lucky. I’m so lovely,lovely.” Guess what lovers? I got some extra cash and, I, Adorability being the music fan went straight to iTunes and downloaded some songs. Voxtrot, people I’ve never heard of, and Adele. Today I listened to music all day long… hmmm well what’s to do? Wanna hear a poem? Ok sure. I wrote this one myself. (Don’t copy it without acknowledging who’s it is!)

Little Girl by Adorability

I sit under the umbrella.                                                                                                                                    

I forgot all the troubles.                                                                                                                                   

I skip rope and blow bubbles.


I’m just a little  girl.                                                                                                                                        

I want to be a woman never.                                                                                                                             

I don’t want to grow up.                                                                                                                                    

I want to stay young forever.


I’ll wear my hair in pigtails.                                                                                                                             

I’ll live life behind the rails.                                                                                                                              

I’ll keep a smile on my face.                                                                                                                            

That’s all I need is to be in a good place.

 Today I ate a sandwhich for lunch (it’s random remeber?) . Hmmm what else happened? Well yesterday my friends blindfolded me and made me crash into people (thanks friends!). You know what I hate? Anything tacky. How many times have I said that before a million?

In other news I’m hungry and I ate. Gosh I’m a piggy! Have you seen the new trends fort spring? Gladiator sandals are very big. I wonder what the next skinny leg jean will be? I’m soooo sick of them. They are not my fit… Unless they are highwasted, but those are impossible to find. Bright colors are big too. I like to look to M.I.A. for inspiration since she is a Class A Orginal.



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New Music Tuesday!

Tuesdays are always the best (cept for Fridays of course). Everything good always seems to happen on Tuesdays. Today on iTunes a song I’ve been dying to download (couldn’t short on cash, kids) was the Free Download of the Week. Today in school we did basically nothing!!! So I made lists with my pals and ya you can betcha the one I love was on every single one 😉 . So anyway in the news Madonna (queen of reinvention) released Hard Candy. I’ve been raving for weeks about 4 Minutes. It’s pretty good. It has a fresh sound but is distinctly Madonna. With collaborations with Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and Timbaland Madonna is definetly spicing up the party. It’s pretty good. Say I ought to be a critic. Yup I should. Well for you loves I am. Santogold released an album as well. Pretty good. She worked with Mark Ronson (geeze louis! one of the most gourgeous djs). Well anyhow back to her album. She is definetly a contemporary of M.I.A. and most definetly a Class A Orginal in a world of pretenders and copy cats. Her album is an experience to the ears. Not saying it’s bad cuz it’s not it just rocks!

Adorability is not all nice. Nope I’m not. I hate to say it but can’t keep this opinion in my mind. Well the new Raven Symone album came out today as well, and can you say voice machine? You are wondering how many layers of cover up are there. Where as she been? She just fell off the planet for a few years. Guess that movie Road Trip or whatev and the new album are part of her comeback. Well let me tell you that album is cheap (not in refernce to money but in reference to tackiness). She copicatted soooo much. Ugh Adorability was disgusted. Her old works are so much better.

In other news, here’s a video:

It’s Voxtrot. Start of Something New. and Anyone Else but You from Juno.


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Charity is great and all, but when you do it for mere attention that’s not. To have strong belief and act purposefully for your cause you must do the daring and stand up for what is right. Don’t you hate it when celebrities do charity work but you know it’s not sincere? A few months ago Paris Hilton announced she was going on a trip to Africa, but never went. Everybody made a huge deal about it, but did anyone notice when true philantrophist Natalie Portman went to Africa for charitable purposes. Not really anyone paid her mind, but alas! I noted it, and it stuck.

Adorability believes causes are great as long as no one is being hurt in your fight for right. Causes are truly adorable, but remeber make sure your motives are in the right places.

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Class A Originals

Let me tell you kids, before I begin I’m sorry haven’t posted in a few days cuz well I’ve been uber busy, but in this quiet moment I’ve found time (ya!).  So today I’m going to talk about Class A Originals. That’s right: I’m talking this kids with their own beat, walk, style, and flavor. They are super orginal. Now in this day and age (no offense to anyone) but there are not a lot of Class A Originals (especially at the movies). To be a Class A Orginal you’ve got to start your own trends (proud to boast I have. You’ve got to not wear low cut skinny leg jeans and graphic tees (for Geeze Louis sake! you’ll look like everyone else!). I once quoted Coco Chanel and gosh darn it I’ll quote her again “In order to irreplaceable one must always be different.” And to explain the quote if there are so many others like you, you could be replaced (a job or whatev). You also have to be different and I recommend making up your own words (who cares if people won’t starting saying them. It would be better if they didn’t at all). You’ve got to have unique style. It’s kk to be influenced by a celebrity’s style, but please don’t completely copy them. (Adorability learned that the hard way). It’s ok to follow trends just don’t over trend. And last but most definetly not least. BE YOURSELF!!!! Be you. No one is like the real you. You are you. Nobody else. That is the power of the true individual! So to have adorability be yourself, and class a original will follow!


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Adorable Person from My Life- Case # 14

So let me tell you about a mystery person from my life. He is called the one I love. He’s my crush. And since he is my crush I adore him… He is adorable because: He’s very stylish and has a cool sort of spy like charm about him. His name is never ever revealed for he does not know he is “The One I Love”.  And I want to keep it that way. The One I Love knows I like him, but he does not know he is The One I Love… He’s tres adorable, and very handsome. I don’t let it show that I like him…. So I merely talk to him in the simplest ways. He’s adorable because he has a cool style and he is terribly suave…


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Indie Ear Candy (Music)

Did I mention? I absolutley adore Indie music! When I head onto the Itunes music store I don’t look at what everyone else is buying (ok maybe sometimes but most of that music is trash and ok I’ll admit it that’s how I found 4 Minutes by Madonna which I totally love). But anyhow back on track. I look at Indie artists which I discovered from their Indie spotlight or that they recommended to me on that just for you thing and I go to the section where it says Listeners Also Bought… and sort through that list. The method isn’t usually  surefire. A good find is kinda hard in a slew of tacky music (there’s a lot let me tell you), but on the days where I have the mean reds I try and try and every once in awhile I’ll find some music to adore.

I don’t know how I discovered Soko’s Take My Heart (have a story for every song I find, but know I have about 300 downloaded songs so it’s kinda hard to remeber), but it’s survived through many playlists. How? And why wouldn’t it? The answer is simple. I search for music and listen to the music on New Music Tuesdays. I find songs I like and add them to my list of desired songs. I have to wait until I get gift cards. Then I download a bunch of songs and make new playlists for that, and I’ll just listen to that one playlist over and over until the next card comes in. But there are exceptions. Take My Heart has made it through five playlists and has been added to my specific playlists (for specific needs or specific themes).

Let me tell you about some my favorites: Vampire Weekend (heard about them on Teen Vogue…  Let me tell you I loved em the second I heard em), Voxtrot (I have no idea how I discovered them… by accident I suppose), Soko (i just love her voice and her accent is soooo cute), Au Revoir Simone (my friend really liked this artist and highly recommended it to me… we recommend music to each other… thanx Christian!), The Brunettes (to be honest I wasn’t a fan at first then I kept listening and I was like hey pretty darn good!), Glass Candy ( I was never really a fan of techno until recently and her sound is definetly 80s inspired but at the same time futuristic), Anya Marina (her songs are really nice. Her song Miss Halfway is perfect for those icky days when you are like ughhhhh I feel ugly today), and The Rosewood Thieves (really cool love the guitar).

Recently I discovered (link… click it, baby!). I am in cyberspace heaven there! It’s sooooo awesome. I’ve got to say I’m visiting there for recommendations for good music. I don’t nessicarly hate everything everybody else is downloading… It’s just I like to be a class a orginal like Coco Chanel said “To be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. Let’s disect (eww horrid word let’s instead say) break down the quote. If there is nothing like you you can never be replaced because nothing would match up. To me Indie music represents that. I desire and aspire to be higher than the rest (fashionably, intellectually, and creatively)

Here are some videos:

This one is Mansard Roof by Vampire weekend

This one is The Dandy Cowboys by Soko

This one is Honey, Stay Awhile by The Rosewood Thieves

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Did I ever tell you? The older (oldest) people around are the coolest. Forget us youth. Pahh shaw not only do we T’ everyone off, we think we know everything but we don’t. They say youth is wasted on the young and they’re right (whoever they are). So let me tell you about the coolest group of folks around. This group of elders are rockin’ it cooler than anyone and everyone. Not only are they tres adorable they can sing, and you can totally tell they love doing it! I’m talking about Young@Heart. Young@Heart is a group from somewhere on the East Coast who had a documentary made about them and their music. Not only do they sing the classics they sing modern music. Their performances bring out laughter and tears from the audience. You gotta love them cuz you can tell they love it! And seeing their enjoyment brings a smile to my face. They definetly have adorability.

 Senior Citizens Rock!

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