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In the words of my friend Sade “Idddiooots”. The critics as I imagine them are cantkareous old men who are very cynical, but I know not all of them are like that. Anyway to the point. The critics (idiots) gave Twilight a bad review. Don’t believe it! It rocks and is sooo cool. At parts its corny but you love it. It’s like your dorky friend who says such stupid things you have to laugh you know. Every single moment I watched I was thoroughly enjoying it.  (ESPECIALLY when Robert Pattison was on the screen… can you say gourgeous????) The whole overall expierence of it was great. All the fans felt connected. There was a certain sense of unity in the room. People were making jokes and everyone would laugh. (EG. Bella says she can’t dance to Edward and some girl in the audience was like “But I can!”) HAHAHAHA At times the movie is corny but its corny enough (but not overly) that you’ll laugh. Believe me! Don’t listen to the critics! You won’t be dissappointed. The movie is an adrenline rush. I feel like I can run like crazy, but I know I’m getting sleepy.

To sum it up in four words: Exhilirating, Romantic, Amazing, and Gourgeous (all of the vampire guys were sooooo dreamy… the human guys don’t get me started bleh, gross. =p and the vampire girls were really pretty too)AWESOME MOVIE


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Recently on the constant urging (more like nagging) of my BFF I read Twilight and then New Moon. Well the books have gotten me curious to see the new movie. Quite actually, I REALLY want to see it. It promises to be exciting and romantic. I’ve never been into the whole vampire thing, and I’m still not. (My friend wishes desperately vampires are real and she really wants to be one… actually I’ve noticed that in a lot of other girls. The book’s effect, I guess.)

If you don’t know what the movie is about, I shall fill you in. The story revolves around the fairly pretty Bella. Bella goes to live in Forks (a perpetually cloudy place) with her father the police chief. There she meets Edward who at first seems to hate her. They befriend each other after he saves her life, and soon a whirl wind romance ensews. Bella is very clumsy, and danger prone so Edward is able to flex his muscle often to save her. Now Edward is different from other boys. He lives with his adopted family, who are all very gourgeous. It turns out Edward and his family are vampires. That’s the basic premis of the story. Bella and Edward are madly in love with each other. So much Bella wants desperately to become a vampire (like my friend), and Edward tells her if she ever were to die, he’d want to die as well.

The guy who plays Edward (Robert Pattison) is strikingly attractive in his own way. Something about him is very fascinating. The girl who plays Bella (Kirsten Stewart) seems well slightly miscast (or at least her voice). Her voice does not care that fragility that I’d imagine Bella to have. Oh well.

It comes out Novemeber 21, 2008. From this date that’s twelve days away.

Will it be a sell out? Every girl in her mother will want to attend. ( I know I do!). I think I’ll buy my tickets as soon as they’re available (well they already are, but I think I’ll wait till I get the money).

The gourgeous actor plays the beautiful Edward Cullens

The gourgeous actor plays the beautiful Edward Cullens


Stars Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattison on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Stars Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattison on the cover of Entertainment Weekly


Here’s a trailer for the movie:

Look’s exciting, huh?

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You Need To… ( A poem)

You need to…

kiss me, miss me.

love me, hug me.

want me, taunt me.

hold me, scold me.

call me, stall me.

play with me, stay with me.

hold my hand, take my stand.

take care of me, share with me.

dance with me, prance with me.

pray with me, stay with me.

run with me, have fun with me.

You need to just be you and love me too.

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High School Musical 3: A Dissappointment Within and Of Itself- It Stunk.

I LOVE MUSICALS. Let’s get that straight. High School Musical 1 and 2 were great. High School Musical 3. Tres tres tres corny (ugh.). A waste of my money and my time. The dance numbers were jaw dropping and amazing!!! But did it really deserve a G rating? In one number we see some panty. Intentionally? Possibly. A lot of girls (in dresses) jump in the air and we see a bit more than we bargained for. The dancing was a tad bit raunchier than the first two. The new characters ‘poised’ to carry on the baton hardly seem fit. Sharpay Jr. (I forgot her name) is adorable, but “Rocketman” shrill and over done. Shame and pity. It was soooo corny the whole thing. Yes I know the other two are corny but they are just corny enough they’re endearing. This one annoyed the pants off of me. At the end of the movie my head hurt horribly.

Drama wouldn’t have hurt. Why couldn’t have Troy cheated on Gabriella for Sharpay! It would have been brilliant. Imagine! I can and I would have loved it. Gabriella crying. It would have been classic! The costumes of Sharpay weren’t very good, but she’s my favorite. Gabriella is just unbearably sweet and naiive and all that jazz. Little Miss Goody Two Shoes needs to be a bit more … exciting.

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