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Say it Ain’t So

I have a tiny confession. You know how I just about hate all that is mainstream (and superbly popular but highly superficial) and what it represents to me. I have a few things I love which are popular, but gasp I have a love for something a bit ridiculous. High School Musical. 1,2, and I’m highly anticapating 3. Noooooo. I love the musical numbers. The catchy songs. The drama. I love Sharpay, Troy, and that guy who bakes and loves Sharpay and just about everybody else. I also have found myself becoming fonder and fonder of the Jonas Brothers. But not to fear I have not completely found myself enamoured by ALL of the Disney Channel shows and movies. I have yet to watch Camp Rock, and believe me I don’t plan on it. I’ve never seen Wizards of Waverly Place. ((I’m not a fan of Selena Gomez). I really can’t bear Hannah Montana. (I’m not a very big fan of Miley Cyrus either). I hate hate hate with a passion The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Sorry those of you who are fans of those shows, but everyone’s got preferences.

These are some shows which I do dub adorable:

Project Runway (yes, it’s on tonight! can’t wait!)

Ugly Betty ( Returns September 25 and I’m nearly bursting to find out who she chose- Henry or Geo?!?)

Tori and Dean Back in Hollywood (I think I got the title wrong but I love that show! The season ended last week! I can’t wait to see what happens next season! I hope we get an appearance from Candi Spelling. It’s my wish that she and Tori mend their broken relationship. ) 

Scare Tactics (It’s a bit cruel and not very cutesy adorable, but very entertaining and funny)

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack ( My favorite cartoon- ever! I love Flapjack he’s sooo adorable!)


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