What is adorability?

Adorability is quite simple. First and foremostly break down the word. Ador and ability. “Ador” is derived from adore. To adore is to care for someone or something. Ability is the means to do something. Put it together and you’ve go the ability to be adored. Now if you want is your prob. Remeber like beauty adorability is in the eye of the beholder. Someone may adore you because of the way you laugh, but someone else may hate it. Or someone could adore you because of your bad grammar while another detests you for it. Your adorability is subjective to personal prefernence. Now it sounds complicated but it’s really not. There are certain people you shouldn’t expect to be adored by. For example your libriarian, your cousin’s friend, the postman, the woman at the makeup counter, the Mary Kay lady who keeps trying to push lipsticks at you (for the last time, Shelley my shade isn’t Toffee!), anyways and of course the teacher with the perputaully sour face. There are a lot more of course, but those are the ones that come to mind at this moment. You can’t be adored by everybody, kids. Just like you can’t adore everybody yourself.


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