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Adorable Person of the Week

I know a girl who’s sweet with a hint of sour. She’s soo cool and a class a original. I’ve never met anyone quite like her! Her name is Gloria and she’s one of my best friends. When Gloria is your friend let me tell you.. Life’s a little bit sweeter.

Why she’s adorable:

1. She’s a great friend.

2. She makes you laugh and smile. 

3. It’s basically undescribable but if you knew her you’d understand. 


Here is a poem about Gloria:

She brings a smile to our faces.

Lighting up the room with her smile in dark corners and places.

She brings out the best in the baddest of boys.

Willingly they’d give themselves up to be her toys.

She’s charming but she doesn’t take advantage.

She’s delightful but she doesn’t mainpulate.

Ahh gosh she’s just Gloria and she’s great!!!


Here’s a nice little song that reminds me of Gloria:


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Adorable Person From My Life- #2

 I know a guy who’s short on stature but BIG on personality. He’s funny, cool, and adorable (duh!). He’s proud of his culture and knows how to have a good time. His name is Carlos and he rocks. He’s a Class A Orginal. He wears awesome clothes and looks like a model (just he’s not so tall). Carlos is adorable because: he’s a Class A Original, he has great style, he’s funny, he’s cool, he’s smart, and just because I owe it to you Carlos, he’s Mexican.

Quotes from Carlos:

“Of courrrrsssee!”

“Not only am I perfect, I’m Mexican.”

That’s all I can remeber, but ya Carlos is great!


Here’s your vid, kid (it’s Carlos themed)- Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones:


Here’s another video which is not, but it’s adorable. It’s One More Chance by Candie Payne:


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Tackiness- Soooo Unadorable

It’s ok to be a free spirit with your own beat and style. There’s a place of exaggeration. Over dressing or under dressing horribly. Tackiness the unadorability. When you dress like your twenty and really your fourty , people can tell. You make yourself older. (cough cough office lady at school). When you over trend, you look tacky. (cough cough Jessica Simpson). When you wear too many logos all at once, that’s super tacky. So look at yourself in the mirror. Say have I got the right mix of everything or am I overly or under dressed. Sometimes it’s ok to be under dressed or over dressed just make sure you’re not too off the mark.

Tacky Behavior (oh gag) : A lot of people in this world don’t know their manners. It’s tacky to: Yell at people unless provoked greatly, force people to buy you things, say it’s your birthday when it’s really not, steal, make grotesque body sounds (ewwww), and many other behaviors.

Clothing and character are the main things in which make you tacky. To be adorable, be kind, charitable, be a Class A Original, and don’t be boring. Have some personality !!!

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Agyness Deyn

Who’s the face of the scrumptous scent Burberry the Beat? Who’s face is everywhere? Who’s been called the next Kate Moss? Agness Deyn. This fashionista is most definetly a winner in style. She’s beautiful and tres hip. She’s most definetly making herself a name in the biz with stunning looks, awesome hair (short, a bit boyish but very flirty!), and a look all her own! She’s a definite Class A Orginal , and like I’ve said before Class A Orginals are definetly adorable!

on the cover of Vogue

She’s got a lot going for her, and I can definetly see her as a fashion icon.

Extra Stuff about Agyness Deyn:

Her birth name is Laura Hollins. Her birthday is February 16, 1983. ( The darling chic model is 25). She’s the current face of Burberry the Beat and appears in many other top brands ads. She’s a top British Model. She was born in Littlebourough in Greater Manchester. Her main squeeze is Josh Hubbard of the band The Paddingtons. She is often featured in Teen Vogue (yes, I that’s my main fahion read. How do you think I found out about her?)

In other news here’s afew vids, kids (the advertisement for Burberry the Beat)

Yeah this one’s about a year old, but it’s a pretty intersting vid.

song i love. it’s called i sing i swim by Seabear


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Class A Originals

Let me tell you kids, before I begin I’m sorry haven’t posted in a few days cuz well I’ve been uber busy, but in this quiet moment I’ve found time (ya!).  So today I’m going to talk about Class A Originals. That’s right: I’m talking this kids with their own beat, walk, style, and flavor. They are super orginal. Now in this day and age (no offense to anyone) but there are not a lot of Class A Originals (especially at the movies). To be a Class A Orginal you’ve got to start your own trends (proud to boast I have. You’ve got to not wear low cut skinny leg jeans and graphic tees (for Geeze Louis sake! you’ll look like everyone else!). I once quoted Coco Chanel and gosh darn it I’ll quote her again “In order to irreplaceable one must always be different.” And to explain the quote if there are so many others like you, you could be replaced (a job or whatev). You also have to be different and I recommend making up your own words (who cares if people won’t starting saying them. It would be better if they didn’t at all). You’ve got to have unique style. It’s kk to be influenced by a celebrity’s style, but please don’t completely copy them. (Adorability learned that the hard way). It’s ok to follow trends just don’t over trend. And last but most definetly not least. BE YOURSELF!!!! Be you. No one is like the real you. You are you. Nobody else. That is the power of the true individual! So to have adorability be yourself, and class a original will follow!


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