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One Year! Yeah!

It’s been one year, lovely little kids! Yeah!!!


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Ed, Sweetie, Umm let’s not beat around the bush but…

Dearest Edward Westwick,

Come to realize I’m a big fan. Yes, you made me love K-Swiss when I had previously found it distasteful, and the same for your show as well. My dearest, come to realize insult nor malice is my intention. I do this out of love (well, not love love like I’m in love. I’ve never ever been in love before). I’d like to begin by saying Chuck Bass is hot. As are you, so with much love I have to say I want you to stay that way. Please, my dear, I realize you’ve turned twenty one or now you’re twenty two (I can’t remeber which), but that was months and months ago! Now it’s time to take it down a notch and put down the bottle and opt for tea or water. Yes, it must be said, you’re getting a beer belly. It’s not entirely appealing. So if you want to we can work out to together and hang out and you know chill out. Together if you please. So I’ll make the committment if you do, let’s lose weight togeth!!!! I like you, Ed, let’s be frank. I want you to be healthy and not fat. 🙂

With Endearment and Respect,


oh my. oh my. :/

oh my. oh my. :/

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Recently I’ve been on a roll in finding really good music so to myself I said, “Why not share this good music with the deprived souls out there?!?” I’ve got a great mix here of Indie and Mainstream. (****TIP: FOR A FUN SHAKE UP AT A PARTY THROW IN COOL MUSIC PEOPLE HAVE NOT HEARD OF AND INTERNATIONAL TRACKS. MAKES FOR GREAT CONVERSATION TOPICS AND SHOWS THOSE CRAZY KIDS WHOSE THE REAL MIX MASTER IS.***) I’ve got a great mix of music I recommend to you. Never just picked at random. I hand select these supple choices of ear candy for your enjoyment.
1) Thursday- Asobi Seksu
I just love it!
2)If- Etienne Daho
A beautiful French Song. So emotional and beautiful.
3) Cada vez que me voy- Jumbo
fun upbeat song.
4)A Teenager in Love- The Pains of being Pure of heart
Why must I be a teenager in love? It rocks and stinks to be a teenager in love!
5) Sambita- Kinky
6)Paris is Burning- Ladyhawke
7)Diamond Hipster Boy- Washington Social Club
This song is ammo for my confidence.
8) I Can’t Wait- Nu Shooz
This song gets me energized! ‘i can’t wait baby till we’re all alone……’
9)Womanizer- Lily Allen
The daring, loud and dare we say it? overtly outgoing songstress/party girl does a wicked spin on this anything but bubble gum pop hit from Britney.
10) No, You Girls- Franz Ferdinand

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