Adorable Person from My Life- Case # 14

So let me tell you about a mystery person from my life. He is called the one I love. He’s my crush. And since he is my crush I adore him… He is adorable because: He’s very stylish and has a cool sort of spy like charm about him. His name is never ever revealed for he does not know he is “The One I Love”.  And I want to keep it that way. The One I Love knows I like him, but he does not know he is The One I Love… He’s tres adorable, and very handsome. I don’t let it show that I like him…. So I merely talk to him in the simplest ways. He’s adorable because he has a cool style and he is terribly suave…



2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    gLoriaa bby:) said,


    oohhhh jeezz!!! :dd

    well… we all know The One You Love is…… :dd

    hahahaha ilyy bby:dd

  2. 2

    RaINY said: said,

    OMG!!!!!! hmmm… who could it be?

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