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Merry Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope all is well with you. First and foremostly I’d like to share with you about my presents (I’m soooo conceited 😉 jk). No I don’t think so, but I’ll talk about the Twilight mania in my house. My mom and I are like ga ga over everything Twilight. My mom got me the whole set of books and a book about the production of the movie! I saw it for the 4th time the other day, and I want to see it one more time!

In other Twilight realted news I read in Vanidades that he said he hadn’t washed his hair in 6 weeks!!!! Ehh Gad! If that’s true it’s gross, but he always looks clean and such. Perhaps it’s a lie to keep people’s hands from his hair. (Do you blame him?)

Back to Christmas! Enjoy this lovely offering of Christmas Videos!

Befriend a Geek this Christmas

I caved I admit it. I love Gossip Girl!

I love Charlie Brown.


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Omgshhhhh. I’m one with quite a ♥ for children and supermodels. I have an urgent plea! Someone, anyone feed the children and models!!! Yogurt, bananas, muffins!!! Something!!! They are absoulutely EMACIATED!!!! SKELETAL!!!!! Why do the models have to be so thin? Who decides these things??? Whoever does should be slapped in the face and fined. There are starving children who are emaciated, and these women are paid to look this way when little children wish they were full. It’s a shame. It makes NO sense. Look and compare.

She does not have to look this way!

She does not have to look this way!

This beautiful smiling boy looks this way not by choice.

This beautiful smiling boy looks this way not by choice.

We need to demolish that this insane thinness is how woman are considered beautiful. Around the world there are children who wish there were clothes that they could wear and fit them well. We selfishly think that thinness is beautiful. Sofia Loren once said, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” The little boy in the picture has beauty in him. The model looks unhappy. She does not look like she feels beautiful at the moment. Stop this thinking. Thin is not in. If anything it should be OUT!

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Ed Westwick

I’m not such a fan of Gossip Girl, but I am a fan of Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)! I’m a  fan of his band The Filthy Youth. I recall the day I “fell” in love with Ed Westwick (such a dignified name, comes off the lips like a kiss… maw!) 😉 Anyway, he was born June 27, 1987 (making him 21 years old) in Stevange, Hertfordshire. He’s appeared in several films such as Breaking and Entering and Son of Rambow, but his claim to fame is (freakin’ hot!) bad guy Chuck Bass. (Bad boys have such a quality about them!)

classy, stylish, handsome, a cassanova

classy, stylish, handsome, a cassanova

I wrote a song entitled “Ed Westwick” (an ode to him), but I’d rather not post it, perhaps another time…

He claims his not a “lady’s man”. With looks like those (and a beautiful accent) I doubt that!

Ed Westwick, Chase Crawford, and Penn Badgely

Ed Westwick, Chase Crawford, and Penn Badgely

Why to love him: He plays a bad boy! He’s charming, handsome (hot! hot! hot!), lead singer in a band, an excellent actor, stylish, and a full out fashionisto!

“What’s in it for me?”

I’ll tell you, Ed… me! Maw!

UPDATE: Ed Westwick and Jessica Sohzr are quite possibly dating! I know… sniff sniff sob sob…. Ugh! Ed Westwick should be mine. hahaha jk 😉 no but seriously.

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Anti Response

(Play video as you read)

As deep as deep is the sea.

As sad as sad are the sighs I sing.

I wrote you letter with all my love and honesty.

But you will just not repsond to me.

I don’t ask for much.

I’m not asking for a particular response just…

Your honest answers to the questions I posed.

I’m not asking for a kiss not even a rose…

Just the truth I ask you please.

It would mean the world to me…

I think you’re afraid to tell me the truth.

I fear the silence more than the response.

If the silence btween us could speak I think it would tell me you don’t know what to say.

If you’re trying to protect me, you know it seems more like a taunt.

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