Writer’s Block… AGAIN!

Oh my love’s adorability has a case of writer’s block. Oh this is bad. So today I will talk about random stuff. Adorable people, guess what?!? I finally saw it. Yesterday (if you read) I mentioned I had yet to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the movie. But I had already decided it was my favorite movie… Well I saw it and oh it is! I loved every minute of it except the Mickey Rooney parts (it was horrible to cast him as a Japanese man). Those parts were tres annoying, but thank goodness adorability had her remote to fast forward. Nearly every minute was great. And my how George Peppard was handsome!

Well anyway. Hmmm what to talk about. Well did you see the Clinton vs Obama debate? No no adorability hates politics. I say leave it to those whom it most concerns and keep me out of it! Well let’s see. When is Earth Day… Isn’t it April 22nd? If it is alert me. I’d hate to miss inform you kids. I’ve been trying to go green. It’s sort of easy (doing it on the scale I am).

May I recommend you some music? Ever heard of a band called Voxtrot? Well if you haven’t check them out. They are pretty good. The new Madonna song came out afew weeks ago. It’s pretty good. I put it on my pod pod (ipod).

Well here’s your vid, kid.


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