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Advice for the Day

When in doubt wear a color that makes your eyes stand out!


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PROJECT RUNWAY… what happened?

If you’re a fan of Project Runway you’ve probably noticed something.  I have noticed something BIG. The designers aren’t as good as last season. Last season we had Christian Siriano, Julianne (sorry I forgot her last name), Rami (his too), and a lot of others. Heidi and Tim commented last season that the people on that season were the most talented group they’d ever had. Did you hear that comment this season? No. Not anything. They aren’t horrible designers, but at the same time they aren’t the best. Am I being judgemental or were our standards raised last season?  We saw some amazing designers, but this season we see OK designers. Did they really look or was this just thrown together? This season there was no show which showed the audition process. We just got the first challenge and it was in motion! 

Did anyone notice the lack of personality with the designers? Blayne is the most interesting one of the bunch. Last year we had drama and fighting and Christian Siriano. (SO FIERCE!!) By this time I could remember their names, but now I can barely even remember who’s who. 

I believe it was a hasty process soo they got the best of what they got. This I believe is because of Project Runways approaching move from Bravo (classy) to Lifetime (tacky). Sigh… What a move. Bravo was riding the last wave it would have with Project Runway. Soon it will say auf wiedersehen to Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. 

The show’s still interesting, but unfortunately the designers aren’t that good. Let’s get some drama… PLEASE!

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Christian Siriano Lives in My Closet Spirtually

My darling most favoritest designer from Project Runway (winner! winner!) has just debuted his gourg new collection on ! I’m in love with it. Christian Siriano lives in my closet (in spirit). I can’t buy any of it now but maybe if I save up (I got a job! 😀 ) I can get one of his beautiful pieces. So in the mean time I’ll pretend they’re in my closet! Since seeing his gourgeous work on Project Runway I’ve been inspired.

Long ago I wrote an article about him. He’s sooooo adorable! So is his work.

Check out his gourgeous designs:

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Tackiness- Soooo Unadorable

It’s ok to be a free spirit with your own beat and style. There’s a place of exaggeration. Over dressing or under dressing horribly. Tackiness the unadorability. When you dress like your twenty and really your fourty , people can tell. You make yourself older. (cough cough office lady at school). When you over trend, you look tacky. (cough cough Jessica Simpson). When you wear too many logos all at once, that’s super tacky. So look at yourself in the mirror. Say have I got the right mix of everything or am I overly or under dressed. Sometimes it’s ok to be under dressed or over dressed just make sure you’re not too off the mark.

Tacky Behavior (oh gag) : A lot of people in this world don’t know their manners. It’s tacky to: Yell at people unless provoked greatly, force people to buy you things, say it’s your birthday when it’s really not, steal, make grotesque body sounds (ewwww), and many other behaviors.

Clothing and character are the main things in which make you tacky. To be adorable, be kind, charitable, be a Class A Original, and don’t be boring. Have some personality !!!

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Ugly Betty

Ok, ok. So 4 like ever I had no interest in the hit show Ugly Betty. Ok and I’ll admit I’ve only been a fan since the beginning of this new season. When I saw the show I was like WOW! This show rocks! Where has it been all of life???? Now I’m a total fan!

Ok the characters I love (I love all of them, but these are my favorites) are (In order of most love): Amanda (she’s hysterical), Betty (she’s very sweet and adorable), Justin (he’s adorable!), Marc, Daniel, and Henry.

Well what else can I say about that adorable show? I’ll tell you why it’s adorable.

1. It’s a Class A Orginal. Never any of those trite sitcom plots. Every show from Disney Channel to NBC are doing. (Hannah Montana, your show is one of those perpetrators).

2. The characters are characters. Every single character is a Class A Orignal. You’ve got somebody who is familiar but at the same time from different.

3. It’s funny. Not stupid joke funny. No cheap shots just to get a laugh. Eg characters getting hurt, stupid jokes we’ve heard a billion time.

4. There’s alot going on without confusing you. I mean you could not watch until the middle of the season, do a little catch up with your pals who are also fans. And in no time you’re in the know.

5.The guest stars!!!! Omgsh one of the main reasons I started watching was because of Christian Siriano guest starring, and in one episode you could have a bunch of guest stars! Eg. Episode where Wilhemina is getting married and Posh Spice is guest starring as well as Vera Wang. There always seems to be someone popping up.

6. Like Holly Golightly said, “It’s good to be top banana in the shock department.”. Well Ugly Betty is definetly top banana, heck, that show is CEO. Always twists and turns. Keeps you wanting to watch and interested.

7. Multiple conflicts. Multiple shocks per epsiode.

8. It’s multi culti.

9. The clothes!!!! Omg! They are amazing!

10. It has a adorability.

Here’s some videos:

Best of Justin Moments:

Here’s one of the promo videos. it features of version of Mika’s song Big Girl You Are Beautiful:

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Random Day #2

Today I don’t know what to write about soooo I’ll tell you about my day. Today I woke up in the morning to the sounds of Voxtrot (you can tell this day was good)! Then I hopped into the shower and took a short one but made sure I was in tip top shape(I’m going green!). Got dressed. Made my lunch. Got in the car and drove off to school (Ps I had breakfast, oatmeal and it was yummy).  At school saw my fab friends went in then school began and did all this crazy stuff. Nothing really productive or important enough to mention happened. So I lived life and did my thing.

Tommorow is new music Tuesday. (yessss second favorite day of the week). I can’t wait to see the Speed Racer movie.I don’t know why…. I guess its the bright vibrant colors. I don’t know me and colors just seem so perfect togeth. There’s a lot of movies I’m excited to see. I’m especially excited to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It looks cool! And if Shia LaBouef wasn’t reason enough (he’s gourg) I love the old Indiana Jones movies.

I got a pair of neon pink shades. I’ve got soooo many pairs of shades it’s not even funny! My wardrobe was of late has been falling a bit flat, but a trip to the mall cured that. New Shades, a new top, new bag (Harajuku Lovers) , and a new dress have reinvigorated my ‘drobe.

Here’s a video. It’s from The Go! Team… My personal fave: Doing it Right.

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Agyness Deyn

Who’s the face of the scrumptous scent Burberry the Beat? Who’s face is everywhere? Who’s been called the next Kate Moss? Agness Deyn. This fashionista is most definetly a winner in style. She’s beautiful and tres hip. She’s most definetly making herself a name in the biz with stunning looks, awesome hair (short, a bit boyish but very flirty!), and a look all her own! She’s a definite Class A Orginal , and like I’ve said before Class A Orginals are definetly adorable!

on the cover of Vogue

She’s got a lot going for her, and I can definetly see her as a fashion icon.

Extra Stuff about Agyness Deyn:

Her birth name is Laura Hollins. Her birthday is February 16, 1983. ( The darling chic model is 25). She’s the current face of Burberry the Beat and appears in many other top brands ads. She’s a top British Model. She was born in Littlebourough in Greater Manchester. Her main squeeze is Josh Hubbard of the band The Paddingtons. She is often featured in Teen Vogue (yes, I that’s my main fahion read. How do you think I found out about her?)

In other news here’s afew vids, kids (the advertisement for Burberry the Beat)

Yeah this one’s about a year old, but it’s a pretty intersting vid.

song i love. it’s called i sing i swim by Seabear


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