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PROJECT RUNWAY… what happened?

If you’re a fan of Project Runway you’ve probably noticed something.  I have noticed something BIG. The designers aren’t as good as last season. Last season we had Christian Siriano, Julianne (sorry I forgot her last name), Rami (his too), and a lot of others. Heidi and Tim commented last season that the people on that season were the most talented group they’d ever had. Did you hear that comment this season? No. Not anything. They aren’t horrible designers, but at the same time they aren’t the best. Am I being judgemental or were our standards raised last season?  We saw some amazing designers, but this season we see OK designers. Did they really look or was this just thrown together? This season there was no show which showed the audition process. We just got the first challenge and it was in motion! 

Did anyone notice the lack of personality with the designers? Blayne is the most interesting one of the bunch. Last year we had drama and fighting and Christian Siriano. (SO FIERCE!!) By this time I could remember their names, but now I can barely even remember who’s who. 

I believe it was a hasty process soo they got the best of what they got. This I believe is because of Project Runways approaching move from Bravo (classy) to Lifetime (tacky). Sigh… What a move. Bravo was riding the last wave it would have with Project Runway. Soon it will say auf wiedersehen to Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. 

The show’s still interesting, but unfortunately the designers aren’t that good. Let’s get some drama… PLEASE!


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Adorability- Celeb Crush List… Shhhh

Of course I have celeb crushes. You being my beautiful audience get to learn which celeb guys I find adorable!

1. William Moseley (soooo cute!! he’s got an adorable/cute/hot thing going on. terribly hard to find)

2. Mark Ronson (he’s a dj and gourg! music genius!)

3. Ben Barnes (ok ok soooo I love Narnia the movie because it’s good and has 3 gourgeous guys!)

4.Skandar Keynes (he’s very handsome)

5. Hayden Christensen

Those are my top 5, but I wanna hear. Who do you crush on a la distance?

Here’s your vid, kid. Interview of Ben Barnes and William Moseley on the Sauce:


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Let me tell you know. I hate cats… Well they are cute and all but I am severely allergic (bleh). But there are a few cats I can stand. And you guessed it the fierce cat who doesn’t even need to show his claws to make a scratch… Garfield. He’s got some ‘tude but don’t we all? He says what he wants. His humor is quick sharp and to the point. From books to shows to movies. Garfield’s got a lot on his plate (which he gladly gobbles). His pension for lasgna is hiliarious!

If you got some time watch part of this episode of Garfield:

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Ugly Betty

Ok, ok. So 4 like ever I had no interest in the hit show Ugly Betty. Ok and I’ll admit I’ve only been a fan since the beginning of this new season. When I saw the show I was like WOW! This show rocks! Where has it been all of life???? Now I’m a total fan!

Ok the characters I love (I love all of them, but these are my favorites) are (In order of most love): Amanda (she’s hysterical), Betty (she’s very sweet and adorable), Justin (he’s adorable!), Marc, Daniel, and Henry.

Well what else can I say about that adorable show? I’ll tell you why it’s adorable.

1. It’s a Class A Orginal. Never any of those trite sitcom plots. Every show from Disney Channel to NBC are doing. (Hannah Montana, your show is one of those perpetrators).

2. The characters are characters. Every single character is a Class A Orignal. You’ve got somebody who is familiar but at the same time from different.

3. It’s funny. Not stupid joke funny. No cheap shots just to get a laugh. Eg characters getting hurt, stupid jokes we’ve heard a billion time.

4. There’s alot going on without confusing you. I mean you could not watch until the middle of the season, do a little catch up with your pals who are also fans. And in no time you’re in the know.

5.The guest stars!!!! Omgsh one of the main reasons I started watching was because of Christian Siriano guest starring, and in one episode you could have a bunch of guest stars! Eg. Episode where Wilhemina is getting married and Posh Spice is guest starring as well as Vera Wang. There always seems to be someone popping up.

6. Like Holly Golightly said, “It’s good to be top banana in the shock department.”. Well Ugly Betty is definetly top banana, heck, that show is CEO. Always twists and turns. Keeps you wanting to watch and interested.

7. Multiple conflicts. Multiple shocks per epsiode.

8. It’s multi culti.

9. The clothes!!!! Omg! They are amazing!

10. It has a adorability.

Here’s some videos:

Best of Justin Moments:

Here’s one of the promo videos. it features of version of Mika’s song Big Girl You Are Beautiful:

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