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“Puedes regresar pero no puedes volver.”

This week of school was so very unadorable. My title if you don’t speak Spanish (You should learn. I highly recommend it) means”You can return but you can’t go back.” This week I returned to school. But the place that was there wasn’t the same. Is it really a place that is the experience or is it the people and events? I can tell you it’s the people and events. The first day I saw my Summer Love and we totally avoided each other and I decided to be the bigger person and said “Hi.” Then I wanted to cry because so many people were gone and the school felt so empty. The grade that was younger than us was fully entact as far as I could tell with a bunch of new students. That’s how it was when I was in that grade and well, I envy them so much! Well there’s this guy in that grade who has to be the most gourgeous guy I’ve ever seen in person. I don’t like him but I must say he looks like a supermodel!!! I don’t know what color his eyes are, but I’m pretty sure they are gourg. and his skin and teeth are perfect. One could say he is indeed a creature of perfection. Sigh. We used to kinda be friends but then we stopped talking to each other for like no reason. I want to be friends with him again. I think I’ll try on Tuesday to be his friend again.

This week I wrote a poem called I Like Mexican Boys cuz well I do. It’s an ode to them. They’re soooo cute. Maybe I’ll post it this week. But not today.


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A Nothing Sort of Day

I’m back at school and soooo very sad. Some of my dearests have gone elsewhere and the halls seem sooo empty without them. I see their faces in the new kids. I hear their voices but it isn’t them. Ugh. Where is the love? Gone with them. That’s where. The one I love[d] (past tense please notice…)  may be returning. I  hope that my summer crush returns as well. If the one I loved comes back it’d feel more like it used to be but not that much.

Today was a nothing kinda a day. Nothing good. Nothing great. Just a bleh bleh day.

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Weird Dream

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I went to a Jonas Brothers concert, and during the intermission there was these people who used parachutes to fly. They were doing tricks and stuff, and for some odd reason I decided to do tricks to so (of course) I had a parachute and lifted up my arms and started doing tricks. The Jonas Brothers came out and they saw me and (of course, my dream went so well) they were impressed. After the concert I went to a restaraunt with a few of my friends and Kevin Jonas was there. I was like OMGSH! and I asked to take a picture with him. We took a picture. I then asked him to autograph my book bag, my binder, my pants, my shoes, my shirt, my cell phone, my ipod, and just about everything else I had with me. Then Joe and Nick came and I took a picture with them and then they signed everything he did. It was a terribly strange dream considering I’m not a very big Jonas Brothers fan. I keep dreaming about meeting celebrities. Recently I dreamt I met: Agyness Deyn (again), Miley Cyrus, William Moseley, and Diddy.

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William Moseley Has a Girlfriend…

William Moseley has a girlfriend.

I’m so heartbroken.

I swoon at the thought of him.

Why oh why William, do you have to break my heart and so many others?

Oh who cares, why bother?

Do I even have a chance?

Will I ever get a wink or at the most a glance?

You never know.

It’s always possible.

But I don’t count on it.


I just found out William Moseley has a girlfriend!!! Oh well, there goes another on my celeb crush list. Mark Ronson’s got Daisy Lowe. Jake Gyllenhaal has Reese Witherspoon. But oh well, I still got the loves of my life. MY FRIENDS & FAMILY.

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Random Day #5

Yes yes it’s that time again. Another random day. No one topic, but as many as I please. Today I want to first begin by talking about Olympic super athlete Michael Phelps. Everyone was all eyes on Micahel Phelps. Winning not one not two not three but eight medals!!! Yow-zah! Record Breaker. Quite possibly heart breaker as well. Pictures were released of Phelps quite cozy with a mystery woman. He’s also getting attention from tabloid fave Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities. He’s a bit cute, I must admit, but I’m not quite sure I’m ready to admit him to celebrity crush list.

I just downloaded some songs I’d been eyeing for months. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa- Vampire Weekend. Get What I Want- Bitter:Sweet. No Regrets- Edith Piaf (I saw La Vie en Rose and fell head over heels for her music. I love that movie. If you’ve yet to see it, you must!). La La La- The Bird and The Bee. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You- Black Kids.

In other news Gwen Stefani named her baby Zuma Nesta Rock. The lucky baby  will have older brother to show the little one the way’s of being cool like only the spawn of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani can be. Did I mention little Zuma is a boy. EEEEHHHH GASP! Poor little kid. And what options does he have for nicknames??? Zoomer. Zoom. Zoom Zoom. Poor little kid. Hopefully when he gets older he can change it.

School starts on Monday. I wish it’d start already.

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School School School…

School school school just around the bend.

Supposably to help us.

They say teachers are our friends.

Pencils, papers, books, and bags.

Same old stuff. Same old jazz.

New friends. Old faces.

Dark rooms. Crowded spaces.

School. School. School.

Soon I’ll be up early enough for sunrise.

What’s around the corner?

Darling, that’s a surprise!

The laughter in the school yard.

Parking lot in my case.

Too many people in the halls.

Who are you?

Get out of my face.

School, School, School. Some days I’m your biggest fan.

Other days you’re like a big creepy man.

Sometimes like a monster.

You do gobble up my time.

Let’s face it dear, not such a good friend of mine.


School is almost back in session for me. I’m excited and just want to start already! I wish they’d start it earlier soooo we could get out earlier for summer, but no. The man’s trying to slowly convert us to a year round schedule. That would wreek.

Yesterday I had to spend the evening with a total crazy chick. I don’t know what her deal was, but unfortunately she desperately wanted her problems to be everyone else’s. She put a damper on the whole evening. She was tres annoying, and I had to be somewhat civial. But on occasion I’d drop the sly remark. She goes to my school and she kept raving how she was totally hated (I wonder why… ???) and how I was so popular. I’m not superbly popular and I had to explain that to her a million times. There was not one point in the evening that she would shut up! She has issues and I hope she gets them resolved, but not at my expense or others.

Well back to the whole school issue. I wish it would just start already. A few days and I’ll be back. Can’t WAIT.

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