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I hate Sunday Nights

The weekend is over. And everyone forgot to do their homework so we all have to do it late. :/ Lately my blog has been boring. Boring. :p I’m just bored in general. Well I’ll talk some more tomorrow.


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The Search continues

I can’t seem to find anyone adorable to blog about.  Today I’d like to talk about Keneley Collins. Designer from Project Runway. I don’t think she’s very adorable. She’s immature (hello, laughing at other designers when they get scolded is jejune) (jejune means childish). She’s faky. Ugh. She’s pretty yes, but the fakeness kills it. She reminds me of this girl I knew. Her name will not be released, but the girl was really pretty but her personailty made her otherwise. Many learned to dispise her, but I felt sorry for her. That’s another story.

Well I can say that I’m not rooting for Keneley. My hope lies in the other three (Korto, Leann, and Jerrel). I don’t know who’s my favorite. I like all three equally. Well that’s all for now.

Do you think I need a closing? You know something catchy. I was thinking Cheers! but I don’t know. Any suggestions????

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My Gosh.

Well things are going pretty good except this week feels exceptionally long. (It feels like it should be Wednesday!!!). But thank goodness it’s Friday and I’m at home sick. I slept for three hours right now. Me and Mr. Arrognance are on good terms, yet I don’t think I’ll try at a friendship with him because he just uses people, and I’ve been played before. Besides that school is ok. It’s just been a bit boring, and lately I haven’t been able to blog because I had to create a movie for class. I’ve got to do a post about someone adorable. I’ll just have to think long and hard, and watch some movies or something for ideas or research philantrophists. I think I’ll write about a philantrophist. Philantrophy is always in style.

In other news, my birthday party was ok. Only a few people went, but it was good people who went at that. Then after my birthday party I went to this guy JP’s party and it was ok. I liked the party, but couldn’t stay very long. :/  My summer love was there and well he looked fat. Ugh. It’s the clothes he wears. They are like too too big for him. He needs a makeover besides. We said hi how are you blah blah blah. It was not that fun of a party but I liked watching all the people. I knew very few of them, but I see those people everywhere! The movies especially. I think I should have introduced myself.

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My Birthday… Birthday Party… Yadda Yadda Yadda

   A la Distance

A la Distance

 Ok my birthday was a sort of just plain day. I used my camera and stuff. (Check out the picture I took) My grandma gave me money (which I have yet to spend… So proud of myself). It was a nice birthday. Everyone said “Happy Birthday” and it was good. It was a nice birthday. Not spectacular as I had hoped, but a fun nice birthday.

Major Problem: Remember “The One I Love (d)”. Well he’s a total jerk sometimes. My friend and I were on messenger talking to him and well things we going great until he told me I talked weird and stuff and we got mad cuz he started being mean to both of us and really annoying.  I invited him to my birthday party and Idk if he’s going. Well his name is being changed to Mr. Arrogant. He thinks I still like him, ya right! He’s sooo full of himself, and with each passing day loses some of his hottness (to me at least). I really hope he gets over himself because if he does he’ll be really great guy. Whenever I fight with him, I always come out the bigger person. ALWAYS. Never fails I’m the first to say “Sorry” and that’s only been in 2 fights. Gosh. He’s just a jerk plain and simple, and now I don’t know what I ever saw in him except maybe his looks. 

Today is my birthday party and nothing is going to bring me down. It’s a mini golf party. I chose that venue because it just seemed chic and unique, and it’s at the mall. I should begin beauty preparations soon. It’s going to be my mini homemade spa day. To relax and enjoy myself. Ahhhh… 




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Pick Me a Pretty Orchid and I love you.

My birthday is two days away. Golly gee gosh! I’m excited. Yesterday was a day of purchases and music and fun and laughter. I went to the mall with my friend and we went to the stores to look for my birthday outfit. We laughed along the way so much and I had my mini boombox so we blasted the music and walked really cool. If you’re wondering about my birthday outfit. I can’t release details just yet… It’s superbly secret. Only a select few have seen it or even heard details. I completed it yesterday by finding shoes and a shirt. Today if I return to the mall I’ll get accessories.

There are a lot of things I’d like for my birthday. But I’d love an orchid. Most of all. There are a lot of things like Sam Edelman moccasins, A Finepix camera, the Harajuku Lovers fragrance in Lil Angel, and the list goes on and on and on… If someone got me an orchid I’d give them a great big hug. or a kiss if they were cute and a boy 😉 . I don’t kiss girls and I like it. (I hate that song “I Kissed a Girl”). It’s yucky. 

I wanna make cupcakes for my birthday like everyone did in Kindergarten, but now I’m in high school so it’s kind of different. Now there are pyschotic rules about sweets so I guess I have to ask permission. How often do we get to eat cupcakes? Not very often. Do we all have to be punished because some people can’t control themselves? :S

Here’s a video I like for your viewing it’s the music video for “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance” by The Black Kids :

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The Greatest- Cat Power

“Once I wanted to the greatest.” don’t we all? Once I thought I could be the best at everything. It can’t be done unless you’re God but that’s another story. The song The Greatest reminds me of this year. It reminds me of how last year I was class president but now I can’t be. It reminds me of my great friendship (Carlie if you read this I miss you soooo much 😦 ) that now seems to be fading fast. It reminds me of the plans I had for me and my summer love. It reminds me of how he won’t be my school love. It reminds me of how so many of the people who were since the year before have gone and how now we are closer yet more distant. It reminds me of a lot of things, and it reminds me of fall as well.

Lately I’ve been really annoyed by this girl who’s soooo flirtacous. She’s constantly hitting on the guy I like and the guy my friend likes (conicedence I think NOT!) There are lot of mean words that come to mind when I think of her but I shall not taint my blog with them. I can’t believe the guy I like is totally flirting back. I thought he was different from the other guys because he’s a gentleman but he’s just about the same. 😦 I’m sad for his girlfriend who lives in another state. She’s my friend and there he is flirting with that “floozy”. His girlfriend is the nicest person in the world, and unlike “the trashy girl” (that’s her name from now on) she has morals. Hmm. disgusting. I don’t understand it. She’s such a a. I can’t say it. She’s horrible and funny looking. What is with guys? Don’t they know those girls will leave them like nothing. Supposably she has a “boyfriend”. The way she acts doesn’t seem like it. Ugh. Why waste anymore words on her???

Here are two cool videos for The Greatest by Cat Power.

Give the second one a few seconds:

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Happiness- Goldfrapp


I really love this song called Happiness. It’s by Goldfrapp. Sounds so sophisticated when you say it out loud. HAhaha if you said out loud you are silly. I’m trying so hard to stay awake because I have to finish my homework because I wasted my time at a most unenjoyable opera. The whole entire time this guy kept hitting on me and it was really annoying then I got a headache. The mean lady in charge kept being so mean to me and my pals and I think we were behaving splendidly. She has no clue and she’s oblivious (which is one in the same but she accomplishes both with no effort at all). Ugh.

Anyway back to Happiness. It reminds me of a circus and that movie Big Fish about that guy who does all this crazy stuff, and tells his son the story and the son doesn’t really believe it. It just has this fantasy air about it. I feel like I’ll look out my window and see a circus. I think that song should be on the top ten of whatever because it’s so criminally ignored.

I’ve also now recently found a newfound fondness for rock. I won’t go hardcore on you though. I’m the same girly Adorability I’ve always been.  Anyway nothing good on New Music Tuesdays. Jessica Simpson released her deal and it always seemed to me like she should’ve done country. It sounds more like her cup of tea.

Here you go Happiness by Goldfrapp:

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