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Thanks K-Swiss. Ed is great :D

Guess who is the new spokesmodel for my new favorite type of sneaks. Anyone? Anyone? Ed Westwick! Oh baby! šŸ˜€ I’m recommending you buy K-Swiss just cause Ed Westwick is the spokesmodel. I can’t wait to get to the mall to get a pair! Ok so I must be pretty honest and true I’ve been a Reebok kind of girl, but I think now I’m all K-Swiss. I had a pair when I was like in the third grade.

Who can deny it? Ed Westwick makes em’ look good. So good I want my own pair. Is there anything Chuck Bass can’t pull off? Anyway, the shoe is a classic, simple and understated yet summer’s next shoe trend!!!! It’s reportedly called Pure Classics.

How lovely. The perfect classic for a face any age would love!

the gourgeous star does K-Swiss.

the gourgeous star does K-Swiss.

so very mine. so very classic. so very cool. posing in K-Swiss

so very fine. so very classic. so very cool. posing in K-Swiss


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Oh, Baby I’m Crushing

Oh baby,baby, baby. Spring is in the air (ok almost, technically not, but in my heart yes!) it’s true I smelled the scent of springĀ  just yesterday. Love is in the air. In my heart at least. =) I’m crushing so bad. Se here’s a poem about :

When I see this guy I can’t breathe.

I really hope he didn’t see.

At my best moments he’s not there.

I wonder if he’s wondering if I care.

When I see him smile I smile too.

It’s not something I think about it’s just something I do.

When I want to say something to him it won’t come out.

I want him to hear it and inside I shout:

“If you knew, if you knew! How I really feel for you.”

I stay a bit longer when I get out of class.

I hope just to steal one little glance.

Just one kiss, just one kiss.

Swell, darling; blissful, bliss.

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