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Hearts for Happy :) :D =D =)



 Hey babes. Be happy. Too many people these days are so down in the dumps. As they say when life gives you lemons… well you do what you please with them. You can always throw them back (for a quick laugh) or make lemonade (and make a lemonade stand and make money. hecks to the yeah! Be positive even though America is sliding down hill (just saying and with Obama at the reins it’ll go a lot faster. A vote for Obama is a vote for a socialist government! All right! Fascism here we come!) Be positive, and cheeky as well. Throw in a little touch of spirit. We can’t all be Cindy Lou Who and the little blondies who do everything perfectly and find time for perfect hair and baking cookies.

Just be happy. Not creepy happy, but content.

59 Days till Christmas! And I’m already listening to Christmas Music!


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