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To make you smile

This little diddy is simply delightful. Like the song. Love the vid!

=( my camera broke…


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I Love Lykke Li!!!!

In the constant quest for good music, I’ve struck gold again. All thanks to a 22 year old Swedish lady named Lykke Li (real name Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson). I was looking at the free stuff of the week on iTunes and I found that her music video for I’m Good, I’m Gone was free. I decided to download and the sing as well. I recalled I saw her in Teen Vogue (renewed¬†my subscription and it FINALLY came in ūüôā yay!) anyway…. she’s really good. On her website¬†you can download a free track (Tonight). In case you wanted to know. I love love love her music. Her song Little Bit describes my feelings for this guy right now. (Gourgeous eyes… Really tall… ahhh…..)

Here’s some samplings:

Dance, Dance, Dance

I’m Good, I’m Gone

Little Bit CSS Remix

Cool indie artist

Cool indie artist

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Adorability has found love! (Well musically anyway). My  very very favorite band is Voxtrot. How we met: One day I was in a musical rut. Ughhhh. I had just gotten an iTunes gift card from my friend and was looking for some tunes to download. I looked at the iMixes to see if any of my fellow users had good music. And there in one of them was Voxtrot. I heard The Start Of Something. And I was like OMGSH! These guys rock.

Indie Pop Band

The band is from Austin, Texas. It’s memembers are Ramesh Srivastava, , Mitchell Wayne Calvert, Jason Chronis, Jared Van Fleet , and Matt Simon.

Here’s your vid, kid:

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Agyness Deyn

Who’s the face of the scrumptous scent Burberry the Beat? Who’s face is everywhere? Who’s been called the next Kate Moss? Agness Deyn. This fashionista is most definetly a winner in style. She’s beautiful and tres hip. She’s most definetly making herself a name in the biz with stunning looks, awesome hair (short, a bit boyish but very flirty!), and a look all her own! She’s a definite Class A Orginal¬†, and like I’ve said before Class A Orginals are definetly adorable!

on the cover of Vogue

She’s got a lot going for her, and I can definetly see her as a fashion icon.

Extra Stuff about Agyness Deyn:

Her¬†birth name is Laura Hollins. Her birthday is February 16, 1983. ( The darling chic model is 25). She’s the current¬†face of Burberry the Beat and appears in many other top brands ads. She’s a top British Model. She was born in Littlebourough in Greater Manchester. Her main squeeze is Josh Hubbard of the band The Paddingtons. She is often featured in Teen Vogue (yes, I that’s my main fahion read. How do you think I found out about her?)

In other news here’s afew vids, kids (the advertisement for Burberry the Beat)

Yeah this one’s about a year old, but it’s a pretty intersting vid.

song i love. it’s called i sing i swim by Seabear


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Indie Ear Candy (Music)

Did I mention? I absolutley adore Indie music! When I head onto the Itunes music store I don’t look at what everyone else is buying (ok maybe sometimes but most of that music is trash and ok I’ll admit it that’s how I found 4 Minutes by Madonna which I totally love). But anyhow back on track. I look at Indie artists which I discovered from their Indie spotlight or that they recommended to me on that just for you thing and I go to the section where it says Listeners Also Bought… and sort through that list. The method¬†isn’t usually¬† surefire.¬†A good find is kinda hard in a slew of tacky music (there’s a lot let me tell you), but on the days where I have the mean reds I try and try and every once in awhile I’ll find some music to adore.

I don’t know how I discovered Soko’s Take My Heart (have a story for every song I find, but know I have about 300 downloaded songs so it’s kinda hard to remeber), but it’s survived through many playlists. How? And why wouldn’t it? The answer is simple. I search for music and listen to the music on New Music Tuesdays. I find songs I like and add them to my list of desired songs. I have to wait until I get gift cards. Then I download a bunch of songs and make new playlists for that, and I’ll just listen to that one playlist over and over until the next card comes in. But there are exceptions. Take My Heart has made it through five playlists and has been added to my specific playlists (for specific needs or specific themes).

Let me tell you about some my favorites: Vampire Weekend (heard about them on Teen Vogue…¬† Let me tell you I loved em the second I heard em), Voxtrot (I have no idea how I discovered them… by accident I suppose), Soko (i just love her voice and her accent is soooo cute), Au Revoir Simone (my friend really liked this artist and highly recommended it to me… we recommend music to each other… thanx Christian!), The Brunettes (to be honest I wasn’t a fan at first then I kept listening and I was like hey pretty darn good!), Glass Candy ( I was never really a fan of techno until recently and her sound is definetly 80s inspired but at the same time futuristic), Anya Marina (her songs are really nice. Her song Miss Halfway is perfect for those icky days when you are like ughhhhh I feel ugly today), and The Rosewood Thieves (really cool love the guitar).

Recently I discovered¬†(link… click it, baby!). I am in cyberspace heaven there! It’s sooooo awesome. I’ve got to say I’m visiting there for recommendations for good music. I don’t nessicarly hate everything everybody else is downloading… It’s just I like to be a class a orginal like Coco Chanel said “To be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. Let’s disect (eww horrid word let’s instead say) break down the quote. If there is nothing like you you can never be replaced because nothing would match up. To me Indie music represents that. I desire and aspire to be higher than the rest (fashionably, intellectually, and creatively)

Here are some videos:

This one is Mansard Roof by Vampire weekend

This one is The Dandy Cowboys by Soko

This one is Honey, Stay Awhile by The Rosewood Thieves

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