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Having problems??? Ask Me. I’ve got the know how, how to of what to do in even the silliest of situations.

(Please Note: I do not answer questions which are “adult”. I can deal with family problems and friend and all that jazz, but listen any question that is “suggestive” will be deleted and most definetly not posted)

So go on ask away.


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    ... said,

    i’m in this group of people and two of them have a nickname for me and talk about me behind my back. and the one which i thought was my best friend now i think hates me. im not the kind of person that talks alot so its impossible for me to have said anything mean..What should i do???

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      adorability said,

      Dear …,
      Your problem is not uncommon. First and foremostly, you have to distance yourself from these two people. If you guys are in the same social circle and go to a lot of the same parties and gatherings avoid hanging out with them there. If you have real, true friends in this group get closer to them. Don’t fight fire with fire. Instead play it cool and try to ignore the two. People are just mean and always will talk about other people negatively. So just stay away and be cool with them. If things get really bad, confront them and say this has to stop. For now just stay away and keep your distance.

      Adorability. 🙂

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    Anonymous said,

    hey adorability i have a problem. I have this friend, shes pretty much my best friend and a while ago she broke up w/her bf. Im not sure if she still likes him but she wont admit anything and has always talked bad about him even when they were dating which makes me think she doesnt like him. Anyway i think i might have a little crush on him which makes me feel so guilty. I want to tell her but im afraid of how she might take it and i dont even know if this guy is worth my time or her friendship. What should i do?

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    adorability said,

    Dear Anonymous,
    I have to ask is this guy a jerk or really great? If he’s a jerk, I’m going to give you just one word of advice: NO! A friend of mine had a problem nearly exact to yours except she knew how her friend felt. You have to be straightforward with her, and tell her. Tell her, “I have a crush on this guy, and I want you to know. If you are not cool with me being withhim or pursuing him let me know.” Honesty is best in this situation. If she’s not ok with it, don’t do anything! If she is, then be my guest. If she badmouths him then chances are she still likes him and doesn’t want you to be with him or she just doesn’t like him at all, and he was a lousy bf. If that’s the case listen to her advice.

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      Anonymous said,

      thank you! im sure your right … he is a nice guy but he can sometimes be a jerk and i doubt he is worth losing my friend over. May i ask what did your friend do?

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        adorability said,

        Well my friend just forgot about him. She still likes him, but my other friend is way more worth it than the guy!

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