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Adorable Person of the Week

I know a girl who’s sweet with a hint of sour. She’s soo cool and a class a original. I’ve never met anyone quite like her! Her name is Gloria and she’s one of my best friends. When Gloria is your friend let me tell you.. Life’s a little bit sweeter.

Why she’s adorable:

1. She’s a great friend.

2. She makes you laugh and smile. 

3. It’s basically undescribable but if you knew her you’d understand. 


Here is a poem about Gloria:

She brings a smile to our faces.

Lighting up the room with her smile in dark corners and places.

She brings out the best in the baddest of boys.

Willingly they’d give themselves up to be her toys.

She’s charming but she doesn’t take advantage.

She’s delightful but she doesn’t mainpulate.

Ahh gosh she’s just Gloria and she’s great!!!


Here’s a nice little song that reminds me of Gloria:


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To make you smile

This little diddy is simply delightful. Like the song. Love the vid!

=( my camera broke…

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50,000 HITS!

I started blogging last April and now nearly a year later I have officially passed the 50,000 hit mark!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! Alright. Keep coming back for more! Perhaps the look of the site will change to mix things up! I love you guys and all of your support!!!

With Love and Adorableness,

Adorability ♥

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In short this has been a long long week. SAD SOB SOB. JK. I’m not really crying. Biology nearly drove me insane, but somehow at the last minute I mastered it, and took that semester test. UGH. I did well!!!!!! I got a perfect 100, and am hoping to celebrate. I have a new crush who will just be called Blue Eyes. He has really really pretty blue eyes. There’s nothing brewing between us because I rarely notice him (my mind is focussed on other things! I can’t be looking out for some boy) and we have no periods together. I have overcome my dislike to the trashy girl because in fact she has improved (keep at it! if you read this). I hate to make plans on Fridays because everything’s crowded and everyones out and those I’m associated to only because we’re in the same age group are out like maniacs and everyone gives you dirty looks expecting that you’re one too. Let’s get something straight: I am not them. We are different people who do different things. It really is a shame teenagers are so,so unsophisticated. I wish they’d be more mature and use their energy to improve this stereotype. Anyway I use Fridays to relax and pamper myself.

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Cool is so passé. Leave it in the closet, and forget about it. Cool is no longer cool. It’s cliche. Make your own word or take one from a movie. I chose Skill. Same as cool just more skill. I saw it in Son of Rambow. You don’t have to use this word. You can make up your own.

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New Year New Adorable Celeb Crush List!

2009 marks a new year of celeb crushes. It was au revoir to Jake Gyllenhaal and Hayden Christensen who are tres passe now. The Boys of Narnia (William Moseley, Skandar Keynes, and Ben Barnes) aren’t striking the same heartstring they once did. So now may I present 2 u…  New Adorable Celeb Crush List!!!!

1. Ed Westwick 

There’s something endearing about an English Accent…. This tres chic and hot guy stars as Chuck Bass in the hit series Gossip Girl. The handsome Brit is not only an actor (and gourgeous, which is reason enough to love him) but also lead singer of the band The Filthy Youth. Handsome, talented, and very stylish; he’s so very hard to resist.

so very handsome

so very handsome


2. Robert Pattinson

soooo gourgeous and he plays Edward Cullen. This Brit boy is the new IT Boy! He looks amazing in a new haircut. Shorter and more trim, but as the other one did, he looks GOOD.

new haircut

new haircut



3. Taylor Launter

This little cutie  may not come back to the Twilight saga! :..( Wherever he goes we shall have a spot in our heart for  him! (UPDATE: TAYLOR LAUTNER IS SET TO RETURN IN NEW MOON!!!!)

Taylor Lautner


4.Nick Jonas

A beautiful voice. Beautiful hair. Beautiful face. Excellent Style. This good boy has got a lot going for him. A full time music career, full time acting career. However he does it, is very impressive. Attractiveness runs in his family. Kevin and Joe are both very handsome (and sorry die hard Jonas Brothers fans they aren’t making the list), but it’s Nick I really adore.


showing off his muscle ;)

showing off his muscle 😉

5. Mark Ronson

There will always be a place in my heart and on my playlist for Mark Ronson. Mark Ronson is terribly British and terribly handsome. As you may have noticed I have a (what’s the word I’m looking for?) fascination with boys from across the pond.  (Case and point… the guys of Narnia, Rob Pattinson, Ed Westwick etc.)


Handsome Musician

Handsome Musician

Those are my top five choices! Others who came very close to making my list: Zac Efron (for the fan who commented who insisted that I should have chosen Zac), William Moseley, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Klutz, Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes, Chace Crawford, and Penn Badgeley (grow out your hair please and then you’ll look really good. just my opinion)

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Happy New Year! One and all! All and one! Bring on the resolutions and let’s get to it! Perhaps there’s many things everyone’s looking forward to this year, or perhaps quite otherwise.

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