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“You’re a part time lover and a full time friend…” These words are the opening words of the end song of Juno. The movie is tres excellent. It follows Juno a wise-cracking teen who gets knocked up, and decides to give the baby to the “perfect” suburban couple, Vanessa and Mark. Along the way to her due day, we watch Juno’s struggles. She has to deal with the hustle and bustle of high school, while at the same time having to deal with her changing body and baby.

©Fox Searchlight Pictures

The movie is uber funny and very adorable. It’s funny and has substance.

Here’s a the trailer to the movie:


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American Idol Results

Adorability must state she was horrified to view David Cook win. As I’ve stated before David Archuleta was my favorite. 😦 David Cook has talent don’t get me wrong, it’s just David Archuleta is so much more likeable. I know this is old news (well not uber old). It was close, soo very close, and I was overtly confident that my favorite David would take it, BUT NO. America how could you do this to us???? Talent wise- David A. took it. Appeal to the eyes- David C. (but who cares about vain stuff?) Personality- David A.

the one who should have won

Well I could go on and on and on about how I’m upset, but I’ll refrain. David Archuleta should have taken it, and I’ll leave it at that.

In other news, Adorability is wondering where can she get the song The Call by Regina Spektor without having to purchase the entire soundtrack to Prince Caspian? You can’t on iTunes. So I guess I’ll have to go to the store (the real store, you know Target) and buy it from there.

In other news here’s your vid, kid. It’s funny- Rugrats vs Party Like A Rockstar.

Here’s another. Backyardigans vs Fergalicious.


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Random Day #3

Hey kids. Adorability is uber sad. Why? Nathan (first ever adorable person from life person) is going away. Awww shucks. He had a partay but I missed it! 😦  I’m gonna miss that guy… In other news Adorability has found a new favorite band (I have two already, Belanova and Voxtrot). Guess who, kids! Guess… Go on. The Ting Tings! Love them. My favorite songs are That’s Not My Name, Shut Up and Let Me Go, and Great DJ. I also have a new favorite movie (not THE favorite but it makes number 3). The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian! It’s soooo good! and you know what’s most definetly a plus as well? Three gourgeous main characters! Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes), Peter Pevensie( William Moseley), and Edmund Penvensie (Skandar Keynes)!

Here’s a list of my top five favorite movies!

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (I’ve been raving about that since the beginning of my blogging. it’s a classic.)

2. Marie Antionette (the BEST soundtrack. though the music is not of that time. it just goes with the feeling)

3. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (has potential for becoming a classic)

4. Juno (another movie with an awesome playlist. an indie gem that rocked it in the mainstream. it has the promise of being a classic too)

5. Stardust ( that movie is sooo magical)


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Adorability- Celeb Crush List… Shhhh

Of course I have celeb crushes. You being my beautiful audience get to learn which celeb guys I find adorable!

1. William Moseley (soooo cute!! he’s got an adorable/cute/hot thing going on. terribly hard to find)

2. Mark Ronson (he’s a dj and gourg! music genius!)

3. Ben Barnes (ok ok soooo I love Narnia the movie because it’s good and has 3 gourgeous guys!)

4.Skandar Keynes (he’s very handsome)

5. Hayden Christensen

Those are my top 5, but I wanna hear. Who do you crush on a la distance?

Here’s your vid, kid. Interview of Ben Barnes and William Moseley on the Sauce:


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Let me tell you know. I hate cats… Well they are cute and all but I am severely allergic (bleh). But there are a few cats I can stand. And you guessed it the fierce cat who doesn’t even need to show his claws to make a scratch… Garfield. He’s got some ‘tude but don’t we all? He says what he wants. His humor is quick sharp and to the point. From books to shows to movies. Garfield’s got a lot on his plate (which he gladly gobbles). His pension for lasgna is hiliarious!

If you got some time watch part of this episode of Garfield:

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Adorable Person From My Life- #2

 I know a guy who’s short on stature but BIG on personality. He’s funny, cool, and adorable (duh!). He’s proud of his culture and knows how to have a good time. His name is Carlos and he rocks. He’s a Class A Orginal. He wears awesome clothes and looks like a model (just he’s not so tall). Carlos is adorable because: he’s a Class A Original, he has great style, he’s funny, he’s cool, he’s smart, and just because I owe it to you Carlos, he’s Mexican.

Quotes from Carlos:

“Of courrrrsssee!”

“Not only am I perfect, I’m Mexican.”

That’s all I can remeber, but ya Carlos is great!


Here’s your vid, kid (it’s Carlos themed)- Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones:


Here’s another video which is not, but it’s adorable. It’s One More Chance by Candie Payne:


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Tackiness- Soooo Unadorable

It’s ok to be a free spirit with your own beat and style. There’s a place of exaggeration. Over dressing or under dressing horribly. Tackiness the unadorability. When you dress like your twenty and really your fourty , people can tell. You make yourself older. (cough cough office lady at school). When you over trend, you look tacky. (cough cough Jessica Simpson). When you wear too many logos all at once, that’s super tacky. So look at yourself in the mirror. Say have I got the right mix of everything or am I overly or under dressed. Sometimes it’s ok to be under dressed or over dressed just make sure you’re not too off the mark.

Tacky Behavior (oh gag) : A lot of people in this world don’t know their manners. It’s tacky to: Yell at people unless provoked greatly, force people to buy you things, say it’s your birthday when it’s really not, steal, make grotesque body sounds (ewwww), and many other behaviors.

Clothing and character are the main things in which make you tacky. To be adorable, be kind, charitable, be a Class A Original, and don’t be boring. Have some personality !!!

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