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Hello, Kids!

Party planning is hard enough, but the actual event is just 10x harder. I had a really great time at my party. It was like a mini reunion for me and my friends. Everyone had a really great time. MY only complaint: THEY ARE ANIMALS! I found trash everywhere outside! They threw people into the pool. It was a bit of chaos, but other than that an über great time. Now that my party has passed I think I’ll begin shopping around for volunteer work so my summer will not be defined as idle. I absoulutley need something to do! Ughhhh….


Well in other news… I don’t know what else could be other news.

Here’s a music video (Grace Kelly by Mika):


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William Moseley

He’s got a sweet smile *sigh* and a boyish charm to him. He’s 21 year old William Moseley. There’s not much about him on the net and it appears there aren’t any new projects for him.

William Moseley is one of the stars of the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. He hails from Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire, England. He was born on April 27, 1987.

I first took notice of him in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. He was fairly cute. I thought he still had some growing to do. Then I saw him in Prince Caspian, and I was like WOW. No it was more like SUPERWOW!!!! THe boyish cutie got hot! I nearly swooned when I saw him on the screen in that first scene where he appears (whic happens to be a fight scene!).

Golly Gee! I was starstruck.  My friend and I saw it together and were nearly swooning over all of the heartthrobs (Skandar Keynes and Ben Barnes as well but that’s another day and another story!) We found it almost incredibly hard to bear!

I wonder what’s next for that über adorable star. If anyone knows let me know… Comment, kids!

Juggling- Ohhh he\'s gourg!


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Partay Perfect (Warning A Bit Conceited)

My First Party

I can’t help but be excited while somehow nervous. Why? Well I’m throwing MY first party (I’ve had some birthday parties in the past… Some of the very best might I had, but they weren’t my doing). This time I’m very much in charge. I chose the date, the menu, the theme, the date. The details are all in my hands. I want this party to be very cool. I’ve made the playlist (it’s stupendously long). There’s more and less to party planning then I thought. For everything to be stress free it has to planned ahead (way ahead… about a month for get togethers which don’t have a dj and entertainment).

Party Planner in the Making?

I love party planning! I love being in charge of every aspect. At school I was in charge of the dance committee. Everything from music to food I oversaw. I approved the playlist. So this party (no big deal… it was über easy compared to the huge functions for a hundred people) I had it easy. I have no worries since I have been doing everything with good time. Everything is just about ready. Getting experience from the dances really helped me with this party. Every aspect has to be just about perfect, Party Perfect.


Partay Perfect

My party has promise of being really fun. But doesn’t mean I still have concerns. I hope everything goes smoothly, no one breaks or destroys anything, my house stays clean (ya right!), and most of all everyone has a good time!

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Big Bows, Floral Prints: Gimme MORE!!!!

Adorability must say this season’s trends are very chic (but aren’t all trends supposably???). Well yes and no. Some social trends need to go out of style and quick. One day you’ll look back and be like WHAT WAS I WEARING? No matter because your children will look at the pictures and be like wow you look über cool. Cuz well of course no trend is really new. Case and Point. Floral prints: Were they not big in times like Marie Antoinette’s and if my knowledge serves me quite correctly the fifties. Skinny Leg Jeans are nothing new either. (A terrible fault of my fellow youth to believe these trends are our own). Back in the eighties they came on the scene in full fledge like they have today. (and ok well I caved. my disdain was not enough to stop me from buying *sigh* skinny leg jeans… but they are quite different… They are dyed purple so I’m still a Class A Original).

Well here’s a list (in no particular order of course) of some cute trends:

1. Floral print (that touch of feminity you could add to a boyish look for a chic yet not overly fru fru look)

2. High Wasted Pants and Shorts (flattering on certain body types so beware. Trend not for everyone.)

3.Bright Bold Prints (as seen on the now retired 😦  M.I.A.)

4. Gladiator Sandals (tres chic for the beach or for a classy dinner)

5.Hippy Chic

6. Puffy Sleeved Shirts (popularized throughout Europe by the Spanish during the Elizabethan era… just so you know)

7. Sailor Style

8. Big Bows on dressies, shirts, and even in your hair (if you dare 😉 ).

9. Animal Prints (rawrrr)


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If you are not familiar with Latin culture then you probably haven’t heard of Belanova… But let me tell you….  THEY ROCK!!!! 😉 I heard about them in one of my searches for awesome music on iTunes. It takes soooo long, and sometimes my searches are fruitless. But one particular time I struck gold in the form of Belanova. 

Their sound is electro-pop with sweet vocals (thanks to trés adorabl vocalist Denisse Guerrero) and catchy melodies and hot beats. Some of their many hits are Rosa Pastel, Baila Mi Corazon, Cada Que, Tus Ojos, Niño, and Por Ti. 


 Popular Mexican Band Belanova




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I’m Back!

I’m back kids. Wooo it was a looooooonnnnng tiring week, but not to fear adorability is here. Back to save the day. Open the blinds! Don’t be shy your skies are no longer gray!

I am so over that moment of silliness. Now let’s get back to the wire.

Right now I’m at a crossroads. My dearests are going everywhere and I’m wondering where I wander to . This year was super fun. But the sweet part is over and suddenly I taste the bitter. I look around at these people who I’ve been around for what has seemed like a very long time, and realize I will miss them. What can I do? Where can I go? I can’t just sit and wait for life to pass me by.


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One Week

My darling, darling audience for one week you shall probably see no new posts. Why???? Well you see I’m going on a trip, but not to fear if I get the time and the means I’ll write. Well in other news the one I [used to] love is no longer the one I love. He’s a jerk and I can’t stand him. He’s actually quite charming, but his lack of humanity and kindness is utterly repulsive. I can no longer find it justifiable to like him.


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