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I won’t be posting for quite sometime because I shall be away on a holiday ! Sooo until then see you later!


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Summer has run its course, and it keeps going and going. I hate/love summer with more hate than love in the equation. Summer is fun  at times, but there’s not much to do anymore! Summer flames are close or have already fizzled out.  I wanna go back to school! :p

A few weeks ago I discovered a new Youtube person to love! Supposedly he’s  huge, but I never heard of him! ( Well that’s cuz you know me… I like to avoid what’s super popular, but sometimes there’s a reason it is super popular.) Perhaps you’ve heard of him. His name is Fred!

Here’s my favorite video from him! It’s called Fred Stalks Judy.

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Christian Siriano Lives in My Closet Spirtually

My darling most favoritest designer from Project Runway (winner! winner!) has just debuted his gourg new collection on ! I’m in love with it. Christian Siriano lives in my closet (in spirit). I can’t buy any of it now but maybe if I save up (I got a job! 😀 ) I can get one of his beautiful pieces. So in the mean time I’ll pretend they’re in my closet! Since seeing his gourgeous work on Project Runway I’ve been inspired.

Long ago I wrote an article about him. He’s sooooo adorable! So is his work.

Check out his gourgeous designs:

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Malls are Fun

I like going to the mall, but unfortunatly my money never happens to be with me when I go. 😦 Yesterday I went with my pal Christian. We walked around going to all our favorites. Tried to act like money was no object. ( Oh gosh, I only had 50 cents with me and then some because I found a lot of change on the floor!) We casually browsed. Saying “I love this. [Looked at price tag] Oh well I don’t think it’s as excellent quality as I want.” I saw this leather jacket which I’m in love with which happens to cost $250. I told my mom about it and she shrugged it off saying. “They are REALLY stupid to have it at that price during a recession.” That’s true. But I guess it doesn’t matter that much to me. Recession or not I spend like a princess. Regardless if I’ll have no savings. But I’m trying to mend my evil ways. My grandma always makes a point of pointing out my evil. Her advice is sound. I’m trying very hard to listen to her, but there are these shoes and ohhhhh!

Yesterday me and my pal (God bless him, he bought me all this stuff today) went shopping. When you’re at stores and your a teenager, people only suspect you’re up to no good or just looking. Well thanks to his brilliance he knew how to get them to help us and not look at us like thieves. (I think they have good reason some people like to steal and then they LOVE to brag about it. I’m like omgsh! you look soo low class when you do that. not cool. I pride myself on my integrity.) He bought me a pair of amazing high waisted skinny leg pants (yes yes I know, but they are unique!).

Well we went around and looked at all the stores. Then I had a milkshake and he had brownies a la mode. Then we both started feeling sick soooo we left. It was super fun. We also worked out but that’s another story.

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Random Day #4

To say the least, I’m in love! Yes yes it’s true. Just Kidding! Being in love is a concept foreign to me! I’m “in love” if you must with Mamma Mia!!!! I saw it on Friday and every minute of it is fun!!!! I almost got up and started dancing, but come on! I’m not that crazzzzy. So anyway. I found a Voxtrot song that I really like. It’s called Missing Pieces. It’s really good, I highly recommend checking it out!

I now have a new favorite movie list because of Mamma Mia! 

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2. Mamma Mia!

3. Lars and the Real Girl

4. Stardust

5. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

6. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

7. The Phildelphia Story

8.  Rebel Without a Cause

9. Be Kind Rewind

10. Funny Face 

Summer is getting to be really boring. I have absoultley nothing to do. Yawn. Bored… ZZZZZ

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DARN YOU BATMAN!!!!!! Dark Knight is SOLD OUT!

You been to the movies? You planning to go? Really? I think I know what you wanna see! You wanna see Dark Knight! How’d I know? Oh I don’t know… Well I mean everyone else in their mother does. Well you better buy your tickets. What showing are you seeing? Well I’m sorry that’s sold out. Noooo that one too. Sorry. I’ll check the internet. The midnight one isn’t…. Oh wait know it is. Tough luck . I suffered the same fate. Next week I guess.

Why does everyone love sequels soooo much???? I tried sooo desperately to get tickets to see the highly anticapated Dark Kinght, but unfortunatley everyone had the exact same idea. Listen to me: GO ANOTHER DAY! IT CAN BE A BLOCKBUSTER NEXT WEEK!!!! Ughhhhh. Frustrating. Everybody’s dumb (myself included). Why???? We all have to see the same movie the same exact day (the day it comes out). Supposably it adds to our hip quotient. Water cooler talk:

Bob: Hey Stacy, did you see Dark Knight???

Stacy: Oh ya, Bob. It was great. I was totally squished and some kid kept kicking me and I got stepped on, but man nothing better than seeing it the day it comes out.

Bob: Oh ya, that’s what all the cool people do. What was your favorite part.


I really want to see Dark Knight and so does everyone else. Hmmmm I thought I was a Class A Original. I am but it’s human nature. There is so much hype around it. Particularly Heath Ledger’s (may he rest in piece) Joker. They say it is absoulutley terrifing. Everyone’s curious to see the role that killed him.

Batman is to people as magnets are to metal. There hasn’t been a blockbuster this big since anyone anyone????  I can’t remember. I think it was Star Wars 3, but I’m pretty sure something after it was bigger. 2 years is a long time in the film industry. A few new movies are popped out each week!

Not to worry there’s next week and unlike Stacy you won’t get squished.

Christian Bale, why’d you have to be such a hunk??? It’s just another reason some people wanna go.

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In the Words of My Best Friend: Oh Gag!

“Summertime and the livin is” sleazy???? Well anyone with eyes could tell you that. Walk down the street. What does one see? 2 much cleavage and 2 much leg. Two words. Yucky and gross.

Too Much Skin! Too much skin! AHHHH it burns! Sure you got a tan. Sure you think you look great. Good for you! But please be tasteful. Not everybody wants to see your merchandise. There are children in the world too. Keep cool. Just not too cool. You can flaunt it but not ALL of it. ahhh it’s tres disgusting. My eyes… they burn!!!!

There are so many hucci mamas everywhere. Everywhere everywhere.

I’d like to voice my opinion.

Sara Larson. Get over her! She’s soooo 5 years ago. Who cares who she sees anymore after George Clooney (swoon… modern day Cary Grant)? Who ever heard of Sara Larson??? Who cares anymore????

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