Class A Originals

Let me tell you kids, before I begin I’m sorry haven’t posted in a few days cuz well I’ve been uber busy, but in this quiet moment I’ve found time (ya!).  So today I’m going to talk about Class A Originals. That’s right: I’m talking this kids with their own beat, walk, style, and flavor. They are super orginal. Now in this day and age (no offense to anyone) but there are not a lot of Class A Originals (especially at the movies). To be a Class A Orginal you’ve got to start your own trends (proud to boast I have. You’ve got to not wear low cut skinny leg jeans and graphic tees (for Geeze Louis sake! you’ll look like everyone else!). I once quoted Coco Chanel and gosh darn it I’ll quote her again “In order to irreplaceable one must always be different.” And to explain the quote if there are so many others like you, you could be replaced (a job or whatev). You also have to be different and I recommend making up your own words (who cares if people won’t starting saying them. It would be better if they didn’t at all). You’ve got to have unique style. It’s kk to be influenced by a celebrity’s style, but please don’t completely copy them. (Adorability learned that the hard way). It’s ok to follow trends just don’t over trend. And last but most definetly not least. BE YOURSELF!!!! Be you. No one is like the real you. You are you. Nobody else. That is the power of the true individual! So to have adorability be yourself, and class a original will follow!



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    carlie said,

    hmmmmm that quote sounds familiar! oh yeah im the one who told it to u! right i forgot!

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