School School School…

School school school just around the bend.

Supposably to help us.

They say teachers are our friends.

Pencils, papers, books, and bags.

Same old stuff. Same old jazz.

New friends. Old faces.

Dark rooms. Crowded spaces.

School. School. School.

Soon I’ll be up early enough for sunrise.

What’s around the corner?

Darling, that’s a surprise!

The laughter in the school yard.

Parking lot in my case.

Too many people in the halls.

Who are you?

Get out of my face.

School, School, School. Some days I’m your biggest fan.

Other days you’re like a big creepy man.

Sometimes like a monster.

You do gobble up my time.

Let’s face it dear, not such a good friend of mine.


School is almost back in session for me. I’m excited and just want to start already! I wish they’d start it earlier soooo we could get out earlier for summer, but no. The man’s trying to slowly convert us to a year round schedule. That would wreek.

Yesterday I had to spend the evening with a total crazy chick. I don’t know what her deal was, but unfortunately she desperately wanted her problems to be everyone else’s. She put a damper on the whole evening. She was tres annoying, and I had to be somewhat civial. But on occasion I’d drop the sly remark. She goes to my school and she kept raving how she was totally hated (I wonder why… ???) and how I was so popular. I’m not superbly popular and I had to explain that to her a million times. There was not one point in the evening that she would shut up! She has issues and I hope she gets them resolved, but not at my expense or others.

Well back to the whole school issue. I wish it would just start already. A few days and I’ll be back. Can’t WAIT.


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