New School Year

The day is approaching when I pack my bags head out the door and find myself back in the swing. It’s a new school year. Summer is fast approaching its close and what can one do, but watch helplessly as time zooms by. Today I returned to the campus for an open house. So few of my comrads are returning.

As I entered that parking lot where we spent many lunch times dreaming the days away a feeling of unfamiliarity swept over me. The once well manicured landscape was a disaster area. Through the cracks of the parking lot were weeds popping out. Things were nearly the same except unkempt.  Something was missing. Something was gone. What could it be?

Things are not and can not be the same. The old friends had moved on. Some remained, but no one and nothing can replace a person. Individuals are who they are. I expect there will be alot of new people this year. But the last two years that I spent with the others feels like wasted time. Near the end of this last year cliques seemed to diminsh. Everyone became everyones friend. Broken ties were mending. Everyone began to really get to know each other (all thanks to a little camp we went to). Then abruptly it ended. All seemed lost. I felt a sense of regret for not getting to know them sooner or making more of an effort.

I stand in the doorway afraid, nervous, excited, and saddened. It’s bittersweet, but that’s how life is. “Life is hard;After all it kills you”. -Katharine Hepburn


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