Weird Dream

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I went to a Jonas Brothers concert, and during the intermission there was these people who used parachutes to fly. They were doing tricks and stuff, and for some odd reason I decided to do tricks to so (of course) I had a parachute and lifted up my arms and started doing tricks. The Jonas Brothers came out and they saw me and (of course, my dream went so well) they were impressed. After the concert I went to a restaraunt with a few of my friends and Kevin Jonas was there. I was like OMGSH! and I asked to take a picture with him. We took a picture. I then asked him to autograph my book bag, my binder, my pants, my shoes, my shirt, my cell phone, my ipod, and just about everything else I had with me. Then Joe and Nick came and I took a picture with them and then they signed everything he did. It was a terribly strange dream considering I’m not a very big Jonas Brothers fan. I keep dreaming about meeting celebrities. Recently I dreamt I met: Agyness Deyn (again), Miley Cyrus, William Moseley, and Diddy.


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    katie said,

    i love you nixck and joe HOT HOT HOT ;;;;:):):):):))

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