“Puedes regresar pero no puedes volver.”

This week of school was so very unadorable. My title if you don’t speak Spanish (You should learn. I highly recommend it) means”You can return but you can’t go back.” This week I returned to school. But the place that was there wasn’t the same. Is it really a place that is the experience or is it the people and events? I can tell you it’s the people and events. The first day I saw my Summer Love and we totally avoided each other and I decided to be the bigger person and said “Hi.” Then I wanted to cry because so many people were gone and the school felt so empty. The grade that was younger than us was fully entact as far as I could tell with a bunch of new students. That’s how it was when I was in that grade and well, I envy them so much! Well there’s this guy in that grade who has to be the most gourgeous guy I’ve ever seen in person. I don’t like him but I must say he looks like a supermodel!!! I don’t know what color his eyes are, but I’m pretty sure they are gourg. and his skin and teeth are perfect. One could say he is indeed a creature of perfection. Sigh. We used to kinda be friends but then we stopped talking to each other for like no reason. I want to be friends with him again. I think I’ll try on Tuesday to be his friend again.

This week I wrote a poem called I Like Mexican Boys cuz well I do. It’s an ode to them. They’re soooo cute. Maybe I’ll post it this week. But not today.


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