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Partay Perfect (Warning A Bit Conceited)

My First Party

I can’t help but be excited while somehow nervous. Why? Well I’m throwing MY first party (I’ve had some birthday parties in the past… Some of the very best might I had, but they weren’t my doing). This time I’m very much in charge. I chose the date, the menu, the theme, the date. The details are all in my hands. I want this party to be very cool. I’ve made the playlist (it’s stupendously long). There’s more and less to party planning then I thought. For everything to be stress free it has to planned ahead (way ahead… about a month for get togethers which don’t have a dj and entertainment).

Party Planner in the Making?

I love party planning! I love being in charge of every aspect. At school I was in charge of the dance committee. Everything from music to food I oversaw. I approved the playlist. So this party (no big deal… it was über easy compared to the huge functions for a hundred people) I had it easy. I have no worries since I have been doing everything with good time. Everything is just about ready. Getting experience from the dances really helped me with this party. Every aspect has to be just about perfect, Party Perfect.


Partay Perfect

My party has promise of being really fun. But doesn’t mean I still have concerns. I hope everything goes smoothly, no one breaks or destroys anything, my house stays clean (ya right!), and most of all everyone has a good time!


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