Recently I’ve been on a roll in finding really good music so to myself I said, “Why not share this good music with the deprived souls out there?!?” I’ve got a great mix here of Indie and Mainstream. (****TIP: FOR A FUN SHAKE UP AT A PARTY THROW IN COOL MUSIC PEOPLE HAVE NOT HEARD OF AND INTERNATIONAL TRACKS. MAKES FOR GREAT CONVERSATION TOPICS AND SHOWS THOSE CRAZY KIDS WHOSE THE REAL MIX MASTER IS.***) I’ve got a great mix of music I recommend to you. Never just picked at random. I hand select these supple choices of ear candy for your enjoyment.
1) Thursday- Asobi Seksu
I just love it!
2)If- Etienne Daho
A beautiful French Song. So emotional and beautiful.
3) Cada vez que me voy- Jumbo
fun upbeat song.
4)A Teenager in Love- The Pains of being Pure of heart
Why must I be a teenager in love? It rocks and stinks to be a teenager in love!
5) Sambita- Kinky
6)Paris is Burning- Ladyhawke
7)Diamond Hipster Boy- Washington Social Club
This song is ammo for my confidence.
8) I Can’t Wait- Nu Shooz
This song gets me energized! ‘i can’t wait baby till we’re all alone……’
9)Womanizer- Lily Allen
The daring, loud and dare we say it? overtly outgoing songstress/party girl does a wicked spin on this anything but bubble gum pop hit from Britney.
10) No, You Girls- Franz Ferdinand


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