TRANSLATION: BECAUSE OF BOYS. This hip, pop  song by Yelle is all about the ridiculous lengths girls go to, to impress none other than indifferent, unaware boys. We cry, we fuss, and for what a nod and a turn of his head in another direction to the girl in the sweatpants or jeans who’s a total flirt. *ugh. sigh. eye roll* Idiots! Can they not see the effort that we must place to look nice? hmmm… dumb boys. 

Perhaps they do notice, but they are too shy to say anything or rather get distracted by other things. Adorability’s own personal study found that 10 0ut of 10 boys are very easily distracted. Perhaps are beautifully done hair gets their attention for a moment… “Oh my, something is different about her. Her hair is…. Oh look the football just hit… Man, I’m hungry.” How knows? I’m not a mind a reader. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a guy like Edward! I’m sure that Edward noticed everything about Bella. New hairstyle? “ravishing”. New dress? “divine”. Edward is every girl’s dream! Hmmm. 

A cause de garcon. a cause de garcon. a cause de garcon. the things we do for boys. tres ridiculous. 

Well I’m happy to say I no longer dress up for boys. Why? They seem not to notice. I dress up to stand out and look pretty. If anyone notices I’m happy. Boys, try being us for one day, and perhaps you’ll come to a splendid realization. It would be super lovely, dears, if you complimented us. Please don’t compliment us in the wrong way. Examples:

“You’re butt looks smokin’ hot in that skirt. Man, I’d like a piece of that!” – Vulgar, and a turn off. You sound more like a perv. Instead say, “You look really nice in that skirt.”

“Man, that shirt looks hot on you. You must be a DD.” AHHHH! WRONG! NO!  Never ever ever ask a girl her bra size. Some cases can be embarrassing. That’s big no-no territory. Instead say: “That shirt looks really lovely on you.” 

“You look really hot today.” Flattering yes. Gentlemanly, NO.  Instead say” You look lovely and/or beautiful.” You will steal hearts, and watch the girls fall.

“Wow, your eyes.” Followed by pointing. You’ll get points, but only a few. Instead say: “Your eyes are really beautiful. I hadn’t noticed them before, and I really don’t know why.” Do avoid tacky  pick-up lines. At least be creative.


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