In short this has been a long long week. SAD SOB SOB. JK. I’m not really crying. Biology nearly drove me insane, but somehow at the last minute I mastered it, and took that semester test. UGH. I did well!!!!!! I got a perfect 100, and am hoping to celebrate. I have a new crush who will just be called Blue Eyes. He has really really pretty blue eyes. There’s nothing brewing between us because I rarely notice him (my mind is focussed on other things! I can’t be looking out for some boy) and we have no periods together. I have overcome my dislike to the trashy girl because in fact she has improved (keep at it! if you read this). I hate to make plans on Fridays because everything’s crowded and everyones out and those I’m associated to only because we’re in the same age group are out like maniacs and everyone gives you dirty looks expecting that you’re one too. Let’s get something straight: I am not them. We are different people who do different things. It really is a shame teenagers are so,so unsophisticated. I wish they’d be more mature and use their energy to improve this stereotype. Anyway I use Fridays to relax and pamper myself.


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