Ed Westwick

I’m not such a fan of Gossip Girl, but I am a fan of Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)! I’m a  fan of his band The Filthy Youth. I recall the day I “fell” in love with Ed Westwick (such a dignified name, comes off the lips like a kiss… maw!) 😉 Anyway, he was born June 27, 1987 (making him 21 years old) in Stevange, Hertfordshire. He’s appeared in several films such as Breaking and Entering and Son of Rambow, but his claim to fame is (freakin’ hot!) bad guy Chuck Bass. (Bad boys have such a quality about them!)

classy, stylish, handsome, a cassanova

classy, stylish, handsome, a cassanova

I wrote a song entitled “Ed Westwick” (an ode to him), but I’d rather not post it, perhaps another time…

He claims his not a “lady’s man”. With looks like those (and a beautiful accent) I doubt that!

Ed Westwick, Chase Crawford, and Penn Badgely

Ed Westwick, Chase Crawford, and Penn Badgely

Why to love him: He plays a bad boy! He’s charming, handsome (hot! hot! hot!), lead singer in a band, an excellent actor, stylish, and a full out fashionisto!

“What’s in it for me?”

I’ll tell you, Ed… me! Maw!

UPDATE: Ed Westwick and Jessica Sohzr are quite possibly dating! I know… sniff sniff sob sob…. Ugh! Ed Westwick should be mine. hahaha jk 😉 no but seriously.


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  1. 1

    Sydney said,

    You can have Ed Westwick under one condition……I get Taylor lautner!

  2. 2

    Sydney said,

    reply back if you agree:)

  3. 4

    paige said,

    Hi when are we watching the next chuck bass and blair you guys make a perfect couple.hope youre happening in real life.love yah.

  4. 5

    Allison said,

    OMG he is soooooo hot and sweet
    can u beleive he is 21 ?

  5. 6

    Jessica said,

    i love u !!!!!!! u r so hot ❤

  6. 7

    Claire said,


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