High School Musical 3: A Dissappointment Within and Of Itself- It Stunk.

I LOVE MUSICALS. Let’s get that straight. High School Musical 1 and 2 were great. High School Musical 3. Tres tres tres corny (ugh.). A waste of my money and my time. The dance numbers were jaw dropping and amazing!!! But did it really deserve a G rating? In one number we see some panty. Intentionally? Possibly. A lot of girls (in dresses) jump in the air and we see a bit more than we bargained for. The dancing was a tad bit raunchier than the first two. The new characters ‘poised’ to carry on the baton hardly seem fit. Sharpay Jr. (I forgot her name) is adorable, but “Rocketman” shrill and over done. Shame and pity. It was soooo corny the whole thing. Yes I know the other two are corny but they are just corny enough they’re endearing. This one annoyed the pants off of me. At the end of the movie my head hurt horribly.

Drama wouldn’t have hurt. Why couldn’t have Troy cheated on Gabriella for Sharpay! It would have been brilliant. Imagine! I can and I would have loved it. Gabriella crying. It would have been classic! The costumes of Sharpay weren’t very good, but she’s my favorite. Gabriella is just unbearably sweet and naiive and all that jazz. Little Miss Goody Two Shoes needs to be a bit more … exciting.


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  1. 1

    Carlie m. said,

    i agree with everything u said….corny, corny, and more corny!

  2. 2

    yeraldine said,

    Hola robert eres sensacional un actor de lujo disen que eres aburrido pero yo creo que no algun dia llegara una chava para ti en la pelicula me encanto sencillamente eres perfecto como vampiro jejeje sigue adelante seras uno de los mejores actores hasta te ganaras un oscar, estoy agradecida con estepanie meyer gracias a ella saliste a la luz se que hiciste una pelicula de harri pooter pero el personaje no te resaltaba pero ahora me encantas haaa. “*FELIZ CUNPLEAÑOS”* HOY 23 DE MAYO CHAU BESOS………………….

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