The Search continues

I can’t seem to find anyone adorable to blog about.  Today I’d like to talk about Keneley Collins. Designer from Project Runway. I don’t think she’s very adorable. She’s immature (hello, laughing at other designers when they get scolded is jejune) (jejune means childish). She’s faky. Ugh. She’s pretty yes, but the fakeness kills it. She reminds me of this girl I knew. Her name will not be released, but the girl was really pretty but her personailty made her otherwise. Many learned to dispise her, but I felt sorry for her. That’s another story.

Well I can say that I’m not rooting for Keneley. My hope lies in the other three (Korto, Leann, and Jerrel). I don’t know who’s my favorite. I like all three equally. Well that’s all for now.

Do you think I need a closing? You know something catchy. I was thinking Cheers! but I don’t know. Any suggestions????


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