My Gosh.

Well things are going pretty good except this week feels exceptionally long. (It feels like it should be Wednesday!!!). But thank goodness it’s Friday and I’m at home sick. I slept for three hours right now. Me and Mr. Arrognance are on good terms, yet I don’t think I’ll try at a friendship with him because he just uses people, and I’ve been played before. Besides that school is ok. It’s just been a bit boring, and lately I haven’t been able to blog because I had to create a movie for class. I’ve got to do a post about someone adorable. I’ll just have to think long and hard, and watch some movies or something for ideas or research philantrophists. I think I’ll write about a philantrophist. Philantrophy is always in style.

In other news, my birthday party was ok. Only a few people went, but it was good people who went at that. Then after my birthday party I went to this guy JP’s party and it was ok. I liked the party, but couldn’t stay very long. :/  My summer love was there and well he looked fat. Ugh. It’s the clothes he wears. They are like too too big for him. He needs a makeover besides. We said hi how are you blah blah blah. It was not that fun of a party but I liked watching all the people. I knew very few of them, but I see those people everywhere! The movies especially. I think I should have introduced myself.


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