My Birthday… Birthday Party… Yadda Yadda Yadda

   A la Distance

A la Distance

 Ok my birthday was a sort of just plain day. I used my camera and stuff. (Check out the picture I took) My grandma gave me money (which I have yet to spend… So proud of myself). It was a nice birthday. Everyone said “Happy Birthday” and it was good. It was a nice birthday. Not spectacular as I had hoped, but a fun nice birthday.

Major Problem: Remember “The One I Love (d)”. Well he’s a total jerk sometimes. My friend and I were on messenger talking to him and well things we going great until he told me I talked weird and stuff and we got mad cuz he started being mean to both of us and really annoying.  I invited him to my birthday party and Idk if he’s going. Well his name is being changed to Mr. Arrogant. He thinks I still like him, ya right! He’s sooo full of himself, and with each passing day loses some of his hottness (to me at least). I really hope he gets over himself because if he does he’ll be really great guy. Whenever I fight with him, I always come out the bigger person. ALWAYS. Never fails I’m the first to say “Sorry” and that’s only been in 2 fights. Gosh. He’s just a jerk plain and simple, and now I don’t know what I ever saw in him except maybe his looks. 

Today is my birthday party and nothing is going to bring me down. It’s a mini golf party. I chose that venue because it just seemed chic and unique, and it’s at the mall. I should begin beauty preparations soon. It’s going to be my mini homemade spa day. To relax and enjoy myself. Ahhhh… 





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    skellybones said,

    That picture is lovely. I hope you had a good birthday party! 🙂

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