The Greatest- Cat Power

“Once I wanted to the greatest.” don’t we all? Once I thought I could be the best at everything. It can’t be done unless you’re God but that’s another story. The song The Greatest reminds me of this year. It reminds me of how last year I was class president but now I can’t be. It reminds me of my great friendship (Carlie if you read this I miss you soooo much 😦 ) that now seems to be fading fast. It reminds me of the plans I had for me and my summer love. It reminds me of how he won’t be my school love. It reminds me of how so many of the people who were since the year before have gone and how now we are closer yet more distant. It reminds me of a lot of things, and it reminds me of fall as well.

Lately I’ve been really annoyed by this girl who’s soooo flirtacous. She’s constantly hitting on the guy I like and the guy my friend likes (conicedence I think NOT!) There are lot of mean words that come to mind when I think of her but I shall not taint my blog with them. I can’t believe the guy I like is totally flirting back. I thought he was different from the other guys because he’s a gentleman but he’s just about the same. 😦 I’m sad for his girlfriend who lives in another state. She’s my friend and there he is flirting with that “floozy”. His girlfriend is the nicest person in the world, and unlike “the trashy girl” (that’s her name from now on) she has morals. Hmm. disgusting. I don’t understand it. She’s such a a. I can’t say it. She’s horrible and funny looking. What is with guys? Don’t they know those girls will leave them like nothing. Supposably she has a “boyfriend”. The way she acts doesn’t seem like it. Ugh. Why waste anymore words on her???

Here are two cool videos for The Greatest by Cat Power.

Give the second one a few seconds:


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