Happiness- Goldfrapp


I really love this song called Happiness. It’s by Goldfrapp. Sounds so sophisticated when you say it out loud. HAhaha if you said out loud you are silly. I’m trying so hard to stay awake because I have to finish my homework because I wasted my time at a most unenjoyable opera. The whole entire time this guy kept hitting on me and it was really annoying then I got a headache. The mean lady in charge kept being so mean to me and my pals and I think we were behaving splendidly. She has no clue and she’s oblivious (which is one in the same but she accomplishes both with no effort at all). Ugh.

Anyway back to Happiness. It reminds me of a circus and that movie Big Fish about that guy who does all this crazy stuff, and tells his son the story and the son doesn’t really believe it. It just has this fantasy air about it. I feel like I’ll look out my window and see a circus. I think that song should be on the top ten of whatever because it’s so criminally ignored.

I’ve also now recently found a newfound fondness for rock. I won’t go hardcore on you though. I’m the same girly Adorability I’ve always been.  Anyway nothing good on New Music Tuesdays. Jessica Simpson released her deal and it always seemed to me like she should’ve done country. It sounds more like her cup of tea.

Here you go Happiness by Goldfrapp:


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