Kick up the Jams!!!! It’s time to party!!!

Listening to the soundtrack of Marie Antoinette has got me in a party mood. I wanna kick up my heels and dance away the night. Ok so I haven’t been doing a very good job of trying to make it to 100. This is post 69.

School, school, school. Is getting better. Even though it will never compare to the last two years. I don’t miss summer so much just I miss everyone who left. My best best best friend is starting to fade away from my landscape of life. Yesterday we talked on the phone and well couldn’t make conversation but we should have because we haven’t seen each other in a month I think. As far as I can tell our beautiful friendship is almost gone. It stinks and well is very much part of growing up. We used to always say “when we get older, we’ll be best friends forever.” Well I’m starting to doubt our prediction. Maybe there will be a reconcilation later, but for now we could hardly say our friendship is strong. I think it’s just about over. I don’t even plan on inviting her to my birthday, but if I do it will probably be the family party.


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