PROJECT RUNWAY… what happened?

If you’re a fan of Project Runway you’ve probably noticed something.  I have noticed something BIG. The designers aren’t as good as last season. Last season we had Christian Siriano, Julianne (sorry I forgot her last name), Rami (his too), and a lot of others. Heidi and Tim commented last season that the people on that season were the most talented group they’d ever had. Did you hear that comment this season? No. Not anything. They aren’t horrible designers, but at the same time they aren’t the best. Am I being judgemental or were our standards raised last season?  We saw some amazing designers, but this season we see OK designers. Did they really look or was this just thrown together? This season there was no show which showed the audition process. We just got the first challenge and it was in motion! 

Did anyone notice the lack of personality with the designers? Blayne is the most interesting one of the bunch. Last year we had drama and fighting and Christian Siriano. (SO FIERCE!!) By this time I could remember their names, but now I can barely even remember who’s who. 

I believe it was a hasty process soo they got the best of what they got. This I believe is because of Project Runways approaching move from Bravo (classy) to Lifetime (tacky). Sigh… What a move. Bravo was riding the last wave it would have with Project Runway. Soon it will say auf wiedersehen to Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. 

The show’s still interesting, but unfortunately the designers aren’t that good. Let’s get some drama… PLEASE!


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