What’s the drama?

Hey kids. I have a tiny confession. I LOVE LOVE DRAMA. I’m not soooo in love with it , I make my own. Believe me… I haven’t had a major drama in ages!!! Rather I love to watch them play out. Middle School one’s are funny. Hysterical, actually. And high school dramas well it just depends. There are usually those friends who just have drama follow them everywhere. It’s like Mary had a lot of drama.

(To the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)

Mary had a lot of drama, a lot of drama, a lot of drama.

Mary had a lot of drama, a lot of drama.

And everywhere Mary went drama was sure to follow.

Who cares if I didn’t make my parody quite right. You can’t the essence of it, right?

When I talk to my friends I usually ask “what’s the drama?” cuz it’s almost for certain there’s some drama with them or someone else.  Christian he knows ALL the dramas. If you wanna know the drama, go to Christian.

(totally changed subjects sooo abruptly) School starts VERY SOON. Can I say I’m excited? Yes. I’ve got to focus and do my very best. These years are the one’s that count. No messing around. So no matter how much I like drama, I gotta avoid it. Bleh. I’m going to rock this year. I have big plans. But unfortunately I can’t run for president again!!! Soooo devastating so I’ll have to settle for Vice President which isn’t sooo bad. I’m working on campaign strategies. Well for know that’s all.


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