DARN YOU BATMAN!!!!!! Dark Knight is SOLD OUT!

You been to the movies? You planning to go? Really? I think I know what you wanna see! You wanna see Dark Knight! How’d I know? Oh I don’t know… Well I mean everyone else in their mother does. Well you better buy your tickets. What showing are you seeing? Well I’m sorry that’s sold out. Noooo that one too. Sorry. I’ll check the internet. The midnight one isn’t…. Oh wait know it is. Tough luck . I suffered the same fate. Next week I guess.

Why does everyone love sequels soooo much???? I tried sooo desperately to get tickets to see the highly anticapated Dark Kinght, but unfortunatley everyone had the exact same idea. Listen to me: GO ANOTHER DAY! IT CAN BE A BLOCKBUSTER NEXT WEEK!!!! Ughhhhh. Frustrating. Everybody’s dumb (myself included). Why???? We all have to see the same movie the same exact day (the day it comes out). Supposably it adds to our hip quotient. Water cooler talk:

Bob: Hey Stacy, did you see Dark Knight???

Stacy: Oh ya, Bob. It was great. I was totally squished and some kid kept kicking me and I got stepped on, but man nothing better than seeing it the day it comes out.

Bob: Oh ya, that’s what all the cool people do. What was your favorite part.


I really want to see Dark Knight and so does everyone else. Hmmmm I thought I was a Class A Original. I am but it’s human nature. There is so much hype around it. Particularly Heath Ledger’s (may he rest in piece) Joker. They say it is absoulutley terrifing. Everyone’s curious to see the role that killed him.

Batman is to people as magnets are to metal. There hasn’t been a blockbuster this big since anyone anyone????  I can’t remember. I think it was Star Wars 3, but I’m pretty sure something after it was bigger. 2 years is a long time in the film industry. A few new movies are popped out each week!

Not to worry there’s next week and unlike Stacy you won’t get squished.

Christian Bale, why’d you have to be such a hunk??? It’s just another reason some people wanna go.


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    The_Main_Street_Avenger said,

    Outside of the usual entertainment media, the consensus from the general public is that this movie is a plotless, terribly acted rip-off waste of money and 3 hours of your viewing life, so that tells me I should keep hold of my cash and wait for something else better to come along. No contest.

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    […] recorded first by Fhil on 2009-01-20→ DARN YOU BATMAN!!!!!! Dark Knight is SOLD OUT! […]

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