In the Words of My Best Friend: Oh Gag!

“Summertime and the livin is” sleazy???? Well anyone with eyes could tell you that. Walk down the street. What does one see? 2 much cleavage and 2 much leg. Two words. Yucky and gross.

Too Much Skin! Too much skin! AHHHH it burns! Sure you got a tan. Sure you think you look great. Good for you! But please be tasteful. Not everybody wants to see your merchandise. There are children in the world too. Keep cool. Just not too cool. You can flaunt it but not ALL of it. ahhh it’s tres disgusting. My eyes… they burn!!!!

There are so many hucci mamas everywhere. Everywhere everywhere.

I’d like to voice my opinion.

Sara Larson. Get over her! She’s soooo 5 years ago. Who cares who she sees anymore after George Clooney (swoon… modern day Cary Grant)? Who ever heard of Sara Larson??? Who cares anymore????


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