[Adorable] Old Loves

Lately I’ve been remincing and I find myself giggling. Ahhhh thinking about old loves of mine. Here’s a list of a few old loves of mine.

1. Britney Spears and N*sync. I used to love pop like that.

2. Michael Bublé. Don’t get me started. I was a die hard fan. I have a tshirt and everything from that time.

3. The Power Puff Girls. I used 2 pretend I was one.

4. Saddle Club. I used to wish I was on that show.

5. Volley Ball. I used to love that sport then I one day I didn’t because they replaced our very awesome coach. 😦

6.The One I Love(d). Ahhhh shall I ever reveal his identity? Ya but not today. I don’t love him anymore, just so you know.

7. Barney. I was very keen on Barney when I was a tike.

8. Rugrats. I had a backpack, overalls, pajamas, a suitcase, a bathing suit, coloring books, a billion character dolls, and tons of movies. As you can tell, I REALLY liked the Rugrats.

9. Limited Too. I loved that store TOO much. I  graduated to the Limited, and those days are long past. I gave all those clothes away too. It’s a magical, dreamy place that’s overtly girly. (scary girly)

10. Hayden Christensen. Ahhh who could forget the mega hit of Star Wars 3. I don’t and the hunk of that movie never let me forget it. 😉


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  1. 1

    skellybones said,

    Barney….assuming you’re on about the dinosaur…was an awesome kids programme. I loved watching it when I was small. I was also very keen on the Rugrats, they were so cool. Kids programmes nowadays just aren’t the same.

  2. 2

    taikwan said,

    Hayden Christensen is still very much on my front…burner.
    and not the way that reads..
    Yes, he blessed with an incredible face, post-6 feet height and is a genuine good guy. But I will always want to be his next door neighbor for life. With a history.

  3. 3

    itzzz.... ME said,


    😀 YAH MAN!!! hahahaha Barneys still awesome but actually rugrats used to scare me…

  4. 4

    […] I’ve been remincing and I find myself giggling. Ahhhh thinking about old loves of mine. Source: [Adorable] Old Loves Who Would Be A Worse Mom? Paris or Lindsey? Vote Now And Get A Free iPhone. Hayden Christensen […]

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