Ben Barnes

Omgsh… I’m so sorry dears. There’s so much adorable material to write about from Prince Caspian. I can’t help it, loves. This is the third post inspired from the hunks of Narnia. Now what to say about this gourgeous guy. Well… MY! HE IS TRÉS FINE FOR ONE! What else can be said?

Ben Barnes was born August 20, 1981 in London, England.  He is one of the stars of Prince Caspian and will reprise his role in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He will star in a remake of the classic film The Picture of Dorian Gray (the old one is really good. I recommend watching before seeing the new one). The actor has a promising career ahead of him, and yes for the record he’s really cute. And from what I’ve seen in interviews charming, well spoken, and yes hot.

World Premier of Prince Caspian

World Premier of Prince Caspian


Ben and costar William

Ben and costar William


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    skellybones said,

    Ben Barnes is really cute and wonderful. However I have to say…I still prefer William Moseley!

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