Big Bows, Floral Prints: Gimme MORE!!!!

Adorability must say this season’s trends are very chic (but aren’t all trends supposably???). Well yes and no. Some social trends need to go out of style and quick. One day you’ll look back and be like WHAT WAS I WEARING? No matter because your children will look at the pictures and be like wow you look über cool. Cuz well of course no trend is really new. Case and Point. Floral prints: Were they not big in times like Marie Antoinette’s and if my knowledge serves me quite correctly the fifties. Skinny Leg Jeans are nothing new either. (A terrible fault of my fellow youth to believe these trends are our own). Back in the eighties they came on the scene in full fledge like they have today. (and ok well I caved. my disdain was not enough to stop me from buying *sigh* skinny leg jeans… but they are quite different… They are dyed purple so I’m still a Class A Original).

Well here’s a list (in no particular order of course) of some cute trends:

1. Floral print (that touch of feminity you could add to a boyish look for a chic yet not overly fru fru look)

2. High Wasted Pants and Shorts (flattering on certain body types so beware. Trend not for everyone.)

3.Bright Bold Prints (as seen on the now retired 😦  M.I.A.)

4. Gladiator Sandals (tres chic for the beach or for a classy dinner)

5.Hippy Chic

6. Puffy Sleeved Shirts (popularized throughout Europe by the Spanish during the Elizabethan era… just so you know)

7. Sailor Style

8. Big Bows on dressies, shirts, and even in your hair (if you dare 😉 ).

9. Animal Prints (rawrrr)



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    carlie said,

    what about trousers????

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