Adorable Person From My Life- #2

 I know a guy who’s short on stature but BIG on personality. He’s funny, cool, and adorable (duh!). He’s proud of his culture and knows how to have a good time. His name is Carlos and he rocks. He’s a Class A Orginal. He wears awesome clothes and looks like a model (just he’s not so tall). Carlos is adorable because: he’s a Class A Original, he has great style, he’s funny, he’s cool, he’s smart, and just because I owe it to you Carlos, he’s Mexican.

Quotes from Carlos:

“Of courrrrsssee!”

“Not only am I perfect, I’m Mexican.”

That’s all I can remeber, but ya Carlos is great!


Here’s your vid, kid (it’s Carlos themed)- Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones:


Here’s another video which is not, but it’s adorable. It’s One More Chance by Candie Payne:



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  1. 1

    gLoriaa bby:) said,

    bby!:) this is soooooo cute!:dd

    i want to copy it:dd
    but i wont:)

    dude it sounds soo much like carlos:D
    but now i want you to write something for me:))

    aww.. i swear this is soo cute..
    and loving the vidds:)

    i loveeee you:)

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