Random Day #2

Today I don’t know what to write about soooo I’ll tell you about my day. Today I woke up in the morning to the sounds of Voxtrot (you can tell this day was good)! Then I hopped into the shower and took a short one but made sure I was in tip top shape(I’m going green!). Got dressed. Made my lunch. Got in the car and drove off to school (Ps I had breakfast, oatmeal and it was yummy).  At school saw my fab friends went in then school began and did all this crazy stuff. Nothing really productive or important enough to mention happened. So I lived life and did my thing.

Tommorow is new music Tuesday. (yessss second favorite day of the week). I can’t wait to see the Speed Racer movie.I don’t know why…. I guess its the bright vibrant colors. I don’t know me and colors just seem so perfect togeth. There’s a lot of movies I’m excited to see. I’m especially excited to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It looks cool! And if Shia LaBouef wasn’t reason enough (he’s gourg) I love the old Indiana Jones movies.

I got a pair of neon pink shades. I’ve got soooo many pairs of shades it’s not even funny! My wardrobe was of late has been falling a bit flat, but a trip to the mall cured that. New Shades, a new top, new bag (Harajuku Lovers) , and a new dress have reinvigorated my ‘drobe.

Here’s a video. It’s from The Go! Team… My personal fave: Doing it Right.


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