Agyness Deyn

Who’s the face of the scrumptous scent Burberry the Beat? Who’s face is everywhere? Who’s been called the next Kate Moss? Agness Deyn. This fashionista is most definetly a winner in style. She’s beautiful and tres hip. She’s most definetly making herself a name in the biz with stunning looks, awesome hair (short, a bit boyish but very flirty!), and a look all her own! She’s a definite Class A Orginal , and like I’ve said before Class A Orginals are definetly adorable!

on the cover of Vogue

She’s got a lot going for her, and I can definetly see her as a fashion icon.

Extra Stuff about Agyness Deyn:

Her birth name is Laura Hollins. Her birthday is February 16, 1983. ( The darling chic model is 25). She’s the current face of Burberry the Beat and appears in many other top brands ads. She’s a top British Model. She was born in Littlebourough in Greater Manchester. Her main squeeze is Josh Hubbard of the band The Paddingtons. She is often featured in Teen Vogue (yes, I that’s my main fahion read. How do you think I found out about her?)

In other news here’s afew vids, kids (the advertisement for Burberry the Beat)

Yeah this one’s about a year old, but it’s a pretty intersting vid.

song i love. it’s called i sing i swim by Seabear



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  1. 1

    […] is most definetly a winner in style. She??s beautiful and tres hip. She??s most definetly mak Zips The StateZIP CODE 29006 LEXINGTON SHERIFF Padgett Road, 400 block, between 12:01 a.m. […]

  2. 2

    I Love Agyness Deyn she is the best model ever!

    and she just rocks the WORLD

    and she is super in de advertisment of the parfum MADAME By Jean Paul Gaultier.

    Sorry that some words aren’t correct speld thats because I’m Dutch And I don’t know all the owrds jet :$

    MuchLovesAndKisses From me Lieke

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