Japanese Style

Hey hey kids, adorability here. Today’s topic is Japanese style (as indicated my title!). Where to begin. Their style has always been awesome, but adorability was completely oblivious to it. Actually I was running around town dressed boring (bad times fashionably). Then one day my friends introduced me to a little cd which I fell in love with. Love, Angel, Music, Baby. That’s what started it kids! Alluvasudden Adorability wanted to immerse herself in Japanese culture. I began studying it, attempting to emmulate it (notice attempting), and listening to Harajuku Girls like 5 bil. times a day.

The Japanese have always been trendsetters (ello, if anyone hasn’t noticed they had been wearing leggings like 2 seasons before everybody else was). Gwen Stefani made a song about their wicked awesome style, made 2 clothing and accessorie lines (LAMB and Harajuku Lovers) inspired by them, and all this other stuff about them. She turned us on to the phenomissity (I made up a word! :D)  of them. 

The fascination is not just limited to Gwen. Their was a whole show about the Japenese Youth’s unique style, recently (or semi recently/ last issue) Teen Vogue featured an article about them,  and fashionista’s everywhere (myself included) are fascinated by the awesomeness of their fashions. I believe there is even (not sure, don’t get me wrong) a tv segment about their style on National Geographic (tell me if I’m wrong please)

They are class a orginals and class a orginals are tres adorable!

Cute Harajuku girls


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  1. 1

    carlie said,

    “My friends” u mean me and who else? the rest of our friends didnt know who or what harajuku lovers were until i told u and we started introducing them!!

  2. 3

    […] think of a way to describe them that does them justice, so here are some pictures (found here, here, here and […]

  3. 4

    missy said,

    this harajuku style is so awesome iiii lllooooovvveeee iiiit

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