Christian Siriano- So Fierce!!!!!

If you aren’t a Project Runway fan or tab reader or entertainment extra regular or style network (u know u are though!) you probably haven’t heard of Christian Siriano. Well Christian Siriano is the cutest little guy eva! He’s the most recent winner of Project Runway and the youngest, might I add. Not only is he talented (he won didn’t he at the tender age of 21! in the kitty cat claw kitty cat world of fashion that is something BIG!) he is sooooo funny and cute!

Here’s a video one of his most ADORABLE moments of the season (there are like a zillion):

Feroca Coutura! Isnt he puppy dog cute?!?

You gotta love this little guy. He definetly’s got me saying fierce A BUNCH! He’s got attitude and personality (which makes him so much more adorable) and style and amazing hair. He made Posh Spice (geeze louis Victoria Beckham) smile 20 times and she hardly ever smiles.  You know you are adorable when you do that!

The very adorable Christian making a funny face I dont like bad grammar but aint he cute and fierce?



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